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What Do All of These Have in Common?

A so called "Spicy Salmon Maki" at a well known restaurant has no spice, and is a glorified piece of salmon sushi with pretensions. This is indicative of other issues.

A website purporting to help you set up a business expeditiously in one of several UAE "Free Zones" has a number that keeps ringing, and if you persevere long enough, finally tells you to go to a different website, and service. Two days later in this "virtual" environment you still can't get a simple quote or road map, touted to be virtually "instantaneous."

A business well known to us that refuses to "start work" on something we requested from them until being fully paid, despite years of custom; when booking our services on the other hand, avails of it and then takes almost one month to grudgingly pay.

A cinema can't start a movie on time having miscalculated the running time of the prior movie, but instead of accepting this, and perhaps providing a "credit" towards concessions or offering a future ticket at a special price, keeps claiming they will start on time, despite mounting evidence to the contrary (i.e. the inexorable passage of time). Eventually there is sheer chaos as people are leaving and entering the cinema which hasn't been properly cleaned as a result. 

Common features: negligence, incongruence, denial of reality, pleading for obsolescence.  Other common feature: a great reminder of how NOT to manage, lead or serve!

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