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Travesties: The COVID Lexicon of Lies

Updated: May 30, 2021

Photograph: Nelson Almeida/AFP/Getty

There are things here to meditate on, as we express howling outrage, sheer anguish at what has been wrought, and an unrelenting commitment to not let these crimes against sanity and humanity, just teeter off into the sunset, lipstick firmly on pig – without genuine horror at these gambits being deeply lodged in our collective souls.

A Lexicon:

For the first time in history, a viral strain, extrapolated to the nth degree, is asserted to justify “government takeover” of our lives and liberties. I invite any discussion or demonstration, moral, legal, ethical, medical, to actually aim to justify this presumption and it being asserted so disdainfully, backed by the enforcement power of the state.

Here's the lexicon:

  • Long after the extrapolations were shown to be statistical “miasma”, a ghastly emanation from ill-founded proclaimed expertise blended with addled gullibility, rather than rushing to restore these abducted freedoms, gate posts keep changing.

We have “new science” (the utter unsubstantiated global intellectual poppycock of “asymptomatic transmission”, a crescendo of Orwellian doublespeak, shown so in study after study, recently even confessed to by Fauci the fickle in saying that if a vaccinated person was re-infected it would be likely “asymptomatic” and therefore with such low viral load as not to worry) and “scariants” (which as former Chief Medical Officer of Pfizer, Michael Yeadon points out are at most 0.3% off from C-19 base camp and the human body, as shown by research tests, ably recognizes and mounts a response readily still today to the SARS COV1 mothership virus from some 17 years ago, which was roughly at least 20% different to today’s viral interloper). “Panic” has become a religion in response to this cesspool of inanities and inaccuracies, cowering its daily liturgy and obedience to nonsense, its catechism.

  • The utter philosophical confusion is summed up in Hilary Clinton’s tweet: “Get the vaccine, get your life back.” To which a sage member of the reading public aptly replied: “My life was given to me by God, not the government.” So, in other words, since you are peddling remedies on “emergency authorization,” not proven safe, with multiple adverse events, many no longer even reported, you don’t get to assert that this state of affairs even approaches “informed consent” in the Nuremberg vein. So, I’ll take my life back thank you, and you can stick your needle where you like.

  • The returning of those stolen freedoms under some new invented criteria of “safety” (say, numbers of PCR rigged “positive tests” – said testing chicanery now discontinued in Sweden as a diagnostic), is not “success,” is “not acceptable” until the entire mad, sad, debased presumption of the right to “take” and “return” our freedoms is fully put to rest, banned from future consideration, and removed from the playbook of options, with the word “emergency” (referring to “emerging” not malingering indefinitely) restored to its common English usage.

  • How many criteria can you rig? For example, we have tests that don’t test, and we are calling something “novel” when it belongs to a family of viruses and was here long before indicated. And therefore, this may already be a next viral iteration, because we “locked people up” and C-19 could not be properly integrated with our natural immune responses as had been the case throughout history.

  • Next up, ignoring antibodies and seroprevalence evidence. Then, having a health body with a vested interest from its donors in vaccines, changing health guidance to accord with the alarmist narrative on no new studies whatsoever, just gratuitous assertion (asymptomatic transmission, masking, distancing, lockdowns, vaccinations), and a similar kowtowing to narrative over science by “Saint” Fauci, the most unaccountable, overpaid, blithering bureaucrat in known history. The UK adds SAGE to this toxic brew, and it seems our servility to chronically failed forecasters knows no bounds.

  • Oh, but why stop there? Change how deaths are counted. First, any positive test in the past six months, then 28 days, then sharing mention with other causes of death on a death certificate, bristling at the suggestion that deaths “from” and deaths “with” are vastly different matters (causation versus being a bystander). Oh, but when it’s time to chloroform any outrage at “vaccine deaths” then that very distinction is presented with all the smug assurance and noxious poise that comes when conning people has entered your bloodstream.

  • Then, of course you bombard people, night and day, with this one issue, wiring everything to the new established “COVID filament” in the brain, useless “positive tests” posing as “cases” (which up until 2020 required “symptoms” in real medicine) relentlessly, numbing people to any other catastrophe or collateral impact. You see “carcass preservation” has been revealed to be our primary devotion.

Oh, and only some “carcasses.” As someone wrote, “What lockdown? Middle class and upper middle-class people locked up, while working class people brought things to them.” Oh, and the government printed money, using some escapist fantasy of no inflation, or eroding the willingness of terrified folk to ever assume “any” risk and return to work, or deign to pay their rent, much less flirt with what is now tantamount to financial suicide and seek to set up a business (unless it’s in face diapers, or useless tests whose own literature says not to use them for diagnostic purposes).

  • Businesses shattered, ballooning cancer deaths from foregone screenings and treatment, mushrooming deaths from those not vaccinated for TB or Polio, all in a year’s viral wreckage. UNICEF forecasting 1.2 million children likely to die from lockdowns, all at zero risk from this pathogen, bah, humbug, why interfere with a noxious combination of entitlement and “re-set” paroxysms?

  • Inconvenient data can be shunned, ignored, or alleged to flow from “conspiracy theorists” which taints even evident facts apparently, so they lose all their relevance. For example, 2017, we now find, adjusting for quality-of-life years lost, was far more lethal than 2020, adjusting globally for population size and mortality. And best to skirt those annoying seroprevalence studies from Stanford and multiple global studies showing an IFR globally equal to median influenzas, of 0.15%.

There are clear results of early treatment making the biggest impact on mortality, and papers showing cheap, readily available treatments, judiciously applied by doctors who can actually “treat” those that are infected very successfully. These are fraudulently suppressed, or corroborating data “slow walked” to an already inhibited publication, or equivocation perfected about “incomplete data” though there is “living proof” from the treatment front lines and case studies lining up from Mexico to Bangladesh to India to Zimbabwe to the US (please see Baylor cardiologist Peter McCullough’s extensive interviews with Tucker Carlson as an entrée to this).

  • Other data to ignore, studies showing “masking” is useless, clear claims about particle size (anthrax and asbestos protection via cloth masks anyone?) shunned, oh and don’t even look at “living” results once more, the open, unmasked US States like Texas, Florida, South Dakota, Mississippi, jurisdictions like Sweden and Belarus, most of Africa, with no impact from either never imposing masking or returning to blessed “face nudity” once more. Since it’s a cult and a fact-free, flat earth religion, true believers scream “bloody murder” when they have their prophylactic fairy tales perturbed.

  • "Vaccines” that aren’t, but truly are experimental gene therapy, ratified through “trials” where the percentages of those “tested” were truly nominal, and no one truly vulnerable was included. We are as a result injecting spike protein into the bloodstream, and we fully ignore the recent Salk Institute study showing the spike proteins themselves can cause the illness, even without a virus inside, as C-19 is now confirmed as a vascular disease.

Adverse effects galore, 4,000+ deaths in the US, suppressed, ignored, finessed. The two gene therapy administrators have declined to participate in a study of C-19 vaccines leading to blood clotting, which has tripped up the Astra Zeneca and J&J “vaccines.” The claim that the small number of those affected is well worth the risk is repeated idiotically, utterly untrue on the facts, unless vaccines (symptom suppressors - and they do this well it seems - for a time) were to be exclusively focused on the very vulnerable. Everyone else has such a nominal risk of death, why undertake any such risk? This is not Ebola or Yellow Fever, with truly horrifying infection and case fatality rates.

Oh, and the spike everywhere that seems to follow massively vaccinated populations should never be addressed (UK, Israel, Gibraltar, Seychelles, parts of India, now Maldives). And the health ministry of the Seychelles has recently raised the flag that one third of those recently “infected” were vaccinated. Clearly, a lot of congestion inside Pandora’s Box there.

Completely aside from all this, as above, once more, without these “emergency” undertakings, we can successfully treat most of those infected, through proven remedies (Please see Review of the Emerging Evidence Demonstrating the Efficacy of Ivermectin in the Prophylaxis and Treatment of COVID-19 )

Of course, were that peer reviewed report, replete with eminent front-line doctors, fully taken on and taken in, “emergency authorization” would disappear. Billions would be forfeit, so all the gargoyles of pandemia are gathered for their “last stand” outside that bunker. Oh, that and feverishly seeking, against both data and humanity, for children to be injected. Children, whose “risk” cannot even be really statistically enumerated given how infitesimal it is, are desperately being “jabbed”. They have already been masked, terrified, paralyzed, stripped of education and socializing and anything resembling “play.” You wonder which circle of Dante’s hell or its psychological equivalent, these “jabbers” might one day find themselves touring?

  • Never study success. Cackle at “case surges” in Sweden, slink away as the low mortality is cited, and the below 5-year average to date in 2021 (even the UK has achieved that, but the “Indian scariant” has been trotted out to perpetuate at least the threat of paralysis becoming endemic there rather than the pandemic). Oh, and ignore when the death rattle of critics at Texas is exposed as much ado, with now consistently plummeting C-19 stats, the State fully open for two months, no mask mandates, Florida before that, Mississippi alongside it, with Georgia on the trombones and South Dakota on the piano. Let us instead, hear absolutist claptrap from people who have never treated COVID patients, never been proven right, and come from areas with the worst COVID results on the planet. We should lecture South Asia when Europe and the US have 60% of the deaths, and all of Asia has 16%?

  • Let us truly mourn the complete collapse of a fighting spirit, as centuries of civilizational fortitude come unraveled at daily panic porn numbers. Singapore with 31 deaths despite over 60,000+ “cases” and a scant number of “positive tests” from an airborne virus of surpassing mediocrity for the bulk of the population, shows their capacity for outright panic, and imposes a 2-week lockdown. Where is the Singapore that emerged from being a malarial swamp under the shadow of Malaysia to a leading global nation in little over two decades, unflummoxed and undeterred by hardships, obstacles and odds defying challenges?

Thailand, having rebounded from tsunami, taken on swine flu, bird flu, AIDS despite its penchant for the sensual and attracting tourists to enjoy its delights, has now encased itself, shut itself off, and presumably every alarm-coated pathogen in the future, will have this once hardy land of warriors, diving under the proverbial covers?

Vietnam, had such efficacious responses, light touch shutdowns except for short, sharp, truly curve flattening periods, keeping its economy thriving for the most part. Historically, having repelled the military incursions of China, France, and the US, unbowed before bombardments and napalm, and resilient enough to emerge as a mainstream economic powerhouse, shouldering its “Communist trappings” lightly enough to let enterprise still find avenues, now sees a mild “spike”. Again, it’s an airborne virus, people will eventually travel in and out, and instead of trusting their immune systems to be as hardy as their fighting spirit, having lived amidst and with all the developing country pathogens en route to their development, now they shudder over an objectively mild uptick of “positive tests” from one coronavirus? Who knew the Vietnamese would demonstrate they could handle the US military but not US propaganda hype?

Who can be this terrified of something that 99% recover from below 70 without serious comorbidities, 95% above 70, and even those still afflicted, we know can be treated with close to an 85% recovery rate? If that is our threshold, we cannot run a society.

Australia and New Zealand have left the known world to extend a few quaking years beyond life span, isolated, locked up, bereft of liberty or autonomy. Those from Oz that claim that in between “lockdowns” they are pretty free, are making a statement that is not “pretty” as what they describe if only activated when the junta says so, is anything but “free.” Are they even “free” to visit equally petrified, sealed off, now economic aid dependent New Zealand? No.

When terrorism had us on heightened alert, the world decided not to surrender, not to change how we live. Though, like a pathogen we never knew where it might strike, or when you might be vulnerable, or there how many mass casualties there might be from one incident. We said in heroic response, “life wins,” not terrorism, and we were courageous in community.

What the devil happened? Well, in a free society, if not changing how we live, we invite vulnerability. And we decide that more matters than “non-death” or sheer biological survival. And unlike terrorism, we know the enemy for many is firing blanks at us (the nominal mortality), and for others, we have ways to protect them, and treat them, and we all together could form a wall of immunity. Instead, we are perpetuating the issue, “infantilizing” our immune system, and showing the moral and emotional wreckage of a passive, consumer based, pop culture, in which “attitudes” of competence are struck without the necessary sponsoring “aptitudes” and actual capabilities to accompany them.

  • WHO even treats themselves to removing “natural immunity” from their website, mistaking themselves for Jehovah, or more likely the Marx Brothers of medicine with Jehovah-like pretensions. None of us would be alive without “natural immunity” unless we fantasize the first human came with medical kit attached. Adam, Eve, and a mobile medical lab with vaccines. Practically, viscerally and inescapably demonstrated since the dawn of time, we are seeking to whisk it away from public knowledge, though natural immunity is the most self-evident and credentialed fact in history. How much contempt for our wits does it take to even attempt this gambit?

Round up

So, people are fleeing to States like Florida, New York is devolving and disintegrating. NYC shootings surged 200% in the first weeks of May. Small businesses are being crushed at the expense of the large chains. This has devastating long term effects, and not just culturally. Manhattan rents are in free fall, down 20% in SoHo,19% along Madison Avenue, 16% in Lower 5th Avenue, massive business closures coast to coast in the US, deficit to GOP ratio second highest in recorded US history (the Depression still holds the title).

Communication is farcical. Prior vaccination messaging was a disaster saying basically you still couldn’t move around freely and still had to be masked. So, lockdowns didn’t work (compare open and closed US States, data speaks for itself), masking doesn’t work, and now vaccines don’t provide any benefit? So, suddenly, a vaccine “caste system” has to be asserted as “vaccine passport” pushback, courtesy of the sane open states of the US Federal system, meant as a universal initiative, that was dead in the water.

Overall, the US and UK, have become so supine and ridiculous, that somewhere between “black farce” and what Brits rightly call “bollocks” we have published photos on how to “hug safely.” No wonder yet another massive pro freedom, unity march is scheduled for the final weekend of May in the UK (which again the BBC will likely not cover), people literally “erupting” with conviction, and commitment, and zeal, to be let out, to be let free, to have the life that has always been theirs to be anointed so once more.

On the UK side, Debenham’s after 240 years of retail history is closing. That is just a microcosm of impact on businesses, large and small, and more. Part of what I mourned due to the “hedge funder’s London” was the erosion of neighborhoods, flower shops and butchers, bookstores and eccentric outlets gone as Mayfair and more became utterly unaffordable to those who prided themselves as Londoners. These locales became oligarchs’ summer getaways, a “caricature” of London. And yet, nestled in neighborhoods, there were still the improbable standouts. Too many of them are now to be lost to us. James Smith and Sons, a venerable umbrella shop with centuries of history shutting down. Arthur Beale Ltd, a 500-year-old business, selling maritime supplies, survived great fires, bubonic plague, Nazi bombing raids, supplied Shackleton and the Everest climbers. And it will be no more. Can you imagine saying, “We survived the bubonic plague, but then a virus 99% survive and most don’t even know they had, that did us in.”

A pox on the modelers, and those of us craven enough to yelp every time they prognosticate.

1 billion people live in Central Africa. Imperial College forecasted “best case scenario” 230,000 deaths. They were only off by 1,134% to date.

Yeadon and Pepys

It is therefore no surprise that former Supreme Court Judge Jonathan Sumption of the UK, who represented the government in the Hutton enquiry, an insightful and esteemed historian of the Hundred Years' War, extols an overdue and necessary campaign of “civil disobedience.” We are back to facing Aristotle’s prediction that democracies are far too amenable to transmuting into tyrannies, as the populace can be terrified or tantalized, or both, by an absolutist government or absolute ruler.

Michael Yeadon, former Chief Science Officer of Pfizer, does a more laconic job than I in dismantling the shibboleths of COVID, and concludes with heart breaking conviction and angst:

“This is my 40th year of studying and applying biological sciences in the service of understanding and treating human disease…”

He bemoans that no other ex-big pharmaceutical company leaders are out on the barricades with him.

He describes himself as

“an ordinary citizen with solid science skills and an intolerant attitude to injustice.”

He says searingly,

“My life is over. I will never regain full freedom. So, I’m going to march toward the guns. Fuck all those criminals. They need to be at Nuremberg 2.0.”

This time it’s been contrived, imposed. When magisterial scrivener and diarist Samuel Pepys was documenting the 1665 plague and all things London, he reflects on the fear in which people live. He worked in his bedroom undressed, indicating the plague cannot be avoided. He reported bells daily tolling away mortality. Yet this does not keep him from a wedding he relishes, sporting his new suit of all things, as he reports,

“Thus I ended this month with the greatest joy I ever did in my life, because I have spent the greatest part of it with abundance of joy, and honor, and pleasant journeys, and brave entertainments.”

And Pepys viscerally saw the deaths and mourned with those he encountered and knew, suffering inconsolable losses. And he wrote his diary, and walked, and celebrated. He captured the spirit and imagination of the age. The Great Fire was still to come, ravaging for sure, but also in time cleansing, renewing.

We need our resolve, our courage, and have to seek an outpouring of wisdom and grace. We have no reason to currently expect these gifts. We can, though, position ourselves so that we are not a barrier to them in any way. We have to all help towards finding a tipping point, and for our collective anger and outrage to somehow also be cleansing, renewing, perhaps even salvific.

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