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Totalitarian Taffy and the New Scariant

There are overwhelming perversions in the toxicology of COVID policies. And they veer towards enabling the stripping of liberties fecklessly and pointlessly – unless creating an oppressive state structure is your aim.

An intensivist in Linz, Austria, printed last Sunday the following report,

“Of all COVID patients in the ICU, about 80% are over 50 years old, and most have widely recognized risk factors such as high blood pressure, heart failure or diabetes… perhaps the planned vaccine mandates should be confined to these groups, and we should avoid raining vaccines down upon the entire population (including healthy children and adolescents). Perhaps a compromise like this would help to calm our heated social and political environment, which is urgently needed.”

Leaving aside the policy compromise, the statistics are eloquent and crucial, very old and very sick people end up in the hospital with COVID, and they are the ones who overwhelmingly pass away. Yet the immunity to looking at these demographics (known since the outset), and focusing our floundering, “leaky vaccines” there if anywhere, is alarming.

Medical bureaucrats misleadingly say “data” is uncertain, and so they cannot “prioritize” who gets treatment. We mindlessly locked up everyone on the now discredited hypothesis that we should “lock up all” to contain spread of an airborne virus that has already spread everywhere! Moreover, all the spread has been indoors, so keeping people from life-giving sunlight, ventilation and exercise has been not only factually obtuse but asinine.

Since “breakthrough infections” occur in those beyond the “rescue” of “vaccines” who need to get off the adverse effects roller coaster, “vaccination” could only plausibly apply to the unvaccinated vulnerable (based on age and comorbidities). Mass stoppage of transmission is not plausible as these “therapeutics” playing the role of “vaccines” cannot stop transmission as now even the US CDC and even faux Fauci and Bill Gates have confirmed.

And essentially, we are panicking based on spikes from an unreliable test (the PCR), and “infections” even if present don’t matter for the overwhelming majority. We have to finally make our peace with the fact that this is not HIV or Ebola. Most people feel sick for several days and recover – some early treatments with Ivermectin, Doxycycline and Vitamin D and they glide through. Therefore, most “vaccinations” were irrelevant even if they had worked, whereas suppressing economies, societies, other medical care, education and lives is highly, insistently relevant!

Making Music

Writing in Off-Guardian, musician Alison Blunt shares being asked by a German bandleader whether she would be “vaccinated” in time for the upcoming tour. If not, he announced he would have to replace her. The announcement was made with the kind of sanctimony and smugness that attends ringleaders of the totalitarian circus, or even their water carriers. How flagrantly that violates Nuremberg norms seems irrelevant as the apolitical high ground is claimed.

Ms. Blunt replied to said bandleader (the tour goes through the current totalitarian theme parks of Austria and Germany), pointing out that “medical martial law” was being unfortunately asserted. She writes:

“I am fortunate to have been researching for many years and I am therefore not at the mercy of propagandist mainstream news. I know how and where to check the sources of what is then spun into so-called news for the purpose of manipulating the people into obedience through brain-numbing terror.”

Like anyone sanely mining the facts she realizes there is no real “corona crisis.” We had a flu season, a likely manipulated coronavirus, and the impact on the elderly and vulnerable has been leveraged and parlayed out of all proportion. Their deaths suddenly became grist for a “pandemic” mill. The “tests” as we’ve repeatedly pointed out in this column are not diagnostic, were not intended for mass testing of the asymptomatic (as per their own literature and the EUA given to them). The PCR “test” for the new “killer” virus was designed even before Wuhan virologists generated the “assumed” genome of the putative SARS-CoV-2 virus. This was loosely construed as being from “likely” nucleotide sequences based on previous data entered into Genbank.

Swine Flu 2009 was a similar extravagance, but that pandemic hoax was stopped through the expertise and observations of Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg (member of the German Bundestag and Chairman of the Subcommittee on Health of the Council of Europe). What was devastating was that permanent damage and long-term health consequences (narcolepsy among them) had taken place by the time the expose pulled the plug. Of course, all coverage or mention in the “mainstream” media after that point, fizzled out, disappearing even faster from public consciousness than Saddam Hussein’s “WMD”.

As we all know, after Spring/Early summer 2020, when COVID inconveniently failed to kill the numbers breathlessly forecast by Imperial College, IHME and other over-credentialed bunglers, the narrative switched from the phantom “excess mortality” (globally non-existent) to “cases” soaring (a little playful adjustment of PCR settings and discounting the statistical impact of clear “false positives” and decoupling “cases” from symptoms for the first time in medical history), which are far more amenable to legerdemain.

Keep flashing numbers, and brains get numbed by gas-lighting and incoherent narratives, and well hyped panic porn, and the media announcing and denouncing in equal measure. Of course, they are assisted by WHO, who after the Swine Flu fiasco generously changed the definition of “pandemic” so you could declare one even without excess deaths (which had been the cornerstone of the definition prior). So thrilled has WHO been by the pyrotechnics of shifting definitions, they’ve tried the same with “immunity” and now “vaccines” (away from “cure” to “immunity” to just “protection” whatever that means).

Clinicians on the front lines of COVID treatment with unimpeachable results have been silenced, marginalized, sued, fired from jobs, all in a desperate bid to create an impression of “unanimity” re “The Science”. And frankly, it is unanimous in terms of dealing with viral respiratory outbreaks, except that the prevailing pandemic playbook that guided everyone (CDC, UK, EU, WHO, all major universities) was tossed unceremoniously in 2020 with nary an explanation and certainly no “randomized” trials as justification.

The new mRNA jabs, sped through unconvincing trials, are tantamount, under the guise of treatment, to using humans as guinea pigs well short of any “informed consent”. People are obliged to say “yes” to being jabbed but are not being presented with any clarity of the cost-benefit tradeoff. Why insist on experimental gene therapy for a viral strain no more lethal for 99% of the world’s population than a mild influenza strain? We cannot coherently call this an “emergency” on the mortality numbers, and 20 months later it can hardly still be “emerging” anyway.

Ms. Blunt tells this poltroonish band leader she will not be showing any purity papers, she is entitled to live and breathe freely. Her doing so only threatens those afflicted by mass hypnosis, under the sway of cognitive dissonance, who yowl in outrage at the expression of anyone’s autonomy or when presented with facts that violate their mass media fueled virtual reality. Do not say “Sweden” or “Florida” or these days even “Japan” lest they break out in an allergic reaction.

“Vaccine roulette” is a sick game where adverse effects may strike you down immediately, or else hours, days or even years later. And so, all of us have to assess the risks we’re undertaking and what makes up the texture of our professional and personal lives. How can we function sentiently, therefore, cocooned from the repercussions of what we are enabling and going along with?

Yet this bandmaster wants acquiescence in ludicrous, tyrannical rules when it’s clear the vaccines don’t stave off reinfection or stop spread, so therefore they are “theater” at best, and we can only shudder at memories of “Good Germans” abdicating their integrity and common sense in the 1930s. And playing music that “transports” audiences to other worlds, while perpetuating the travesties being perpetrated today, is sad and mad.

Are the “vaccinated” protected or not? If not by “vaccination”, why inflict it on others? If they are, why insist others follow suit? Insane anti-science posturing as highbrow public health rather than the low brow totalitarianism it is. Divide people, pound the pulpit with fear.

The narrative continues to crack, and the house of cards is now being only kept aloft by our own servility and gullibility. Ms. Blunt writes beautifully:

“On discovering music improvisation I started to understand sovereignty. Without a score, without a leader and with nothing materially external to follow, this kind of music-making can have a profound impact on life, both on and off the stage. Freedom and responsibility go hand in hand in this music-making – as in art, as in life.”

“Nu” has become “Omicron” which is an anagram for “Moronic.”

This “alert” comes from the same people and institutions that spawned the last COVID scare, and the one prior, and the one prior, dating all the way back to the dawn of hysteria.

This variant, “Nu” until a few days ago, “Omicron” now has been detected in South Africa and Botswana. Statistically a non-event with over 100,000 mutations of the coronavirus and given that we don’t know what we don’t know.

In Botswana it was located in the body of fully vaccinated people! Ergo, urging people to rush to get vaccinated seems unhinged. There are virtually no lab confirmed cases. PCR tests are notoriously fickle, and a surge in “cases” (really positive tests) are not grounds for any panic, as the mortality needle is the real issue. The UK has flatlined COVID related deaths for months, while continuing to have 30,000+ daily “cases” and more.

Virologists keep telling us travel bans don’t work with airborne viruses. They do however engender unproductive panic, agitate the markets, and frighten people pointlessly into bouts of agitation.

This too emanates from the disgraced, corrupted modeling that proselytized pointless destructive “lockdowns” to the world, Imperial College in the UK. Their modeling has been consistently shoddy, and their passion for spurring and heightening the insanity of totalitarian measures in response to their faulty narrative creations is disquieting.

This came in part from Tom Peacock, a postdoc at Imperial College, asserting a “really awful Spike mutation profile.” Really awful, and 10 cases as of November 24th.

Coupled with “Peacock’s preening” an obscure scientist in South Africa jumped on the bandwagon. Affiliated with a failed university (KwaZulu-Natal), he has proclaimed his new discovery and partial mapping of the new variant. He confesses he has no idea if it will be more dangerous, but why let that inhibit capsizing a ravaged economy, while myopically petitioning Gates and Bezos to financially rescue the country?

But before this alarmist, was yet another South African doctor who “alerted” the scientific community to B.1.1.529 the once “Nu” now “Omicron.” But she now is seeking to dial back the reflexive panic porn. She describes the symptoms as “unusual but mild.” Ye gads, and flights cancelled, economies compromised, the halfwits running New York State declaring a “state of emergency” without one single “case” in the entire state on the basis of this?

WHO is worried about the number of mutations and the ability to bypass “vaccines.” Since Delta already did so essentially, and likely so will future variants, this is primarily a cover up for the parody of “vaccination” these therapeutics actually represent.

Dr. Angelique Coetzee saw an influx of patients in her practice in Pretoria with “symptoms that did not make immediate sense.” She is also chairwoman of the South African Medical Association and described these as “intense fatigue” and a high pulse rate in younger patients, but without the hallmark C-19 loss of taste or smell.

“We had one very interesting case, a kid about six years old, with a temperature and a very high pulse rate… but when I followed up two days later, she was so much better.”

Sounds like grounds for global upheaval and paralysis, doesn’t it? She has also explained

“It presents mild disease with symptoms being sore muscles and tiredness for a day or two not feeling well."

She has confirmed all her patients were healthy! And her “concern” was older people with comorbidities. She of course adds that those who are “unvaccinated” in that demographic are of particular concern.

“Science” to the rescue once more! Travel bans imposed, and critically needed South African tourism revenue will be a casualty if the panic narrative isn’t restrained. While nothing has happened other than a few announcements, the cry for imposing restrictions on the “unvaccinated” rings out even when the precise reason for concern is that “vaccines” won’t help with “OmiUltron”, just as they flailed against Delta, as they are the equivalent of last year’s flu shot.

So, whatever you do, creating a “vaccination dividing line” doesn’t make sense. So, the theory is while “vaccines” have not stopped spread in Germany, Singapore, the UK, they somehow will in South Africa?

Again, the Botswana discovery came from fully vaccinated travelers, and in the last one month there have been zero COVID related deaths in Botswana! How terrifying is that? It is also very likely “vaccinations” are empowering mutations, as the virus will seek evolution that bypasses the nature of spike protein resistance fielded by the "vaccines". Since Africa has had no COVID crisis, and only more of a showing where there is greater vaccination, running the risk of viral breakthrough for the dubious benefits of “the jab” makes no sense.

Please note these fear mongers should have little credibility with you. There are ample treatment options they suppress, for which there is no rational downside. They work or they don’t. Easy to test and to demonstrate. And they have overwhelming success rates in India, Indonesia, Mexico, now Japan, parts of the US and so many other parts of the globe. So, by what right is oppression demanded for experimental treatments with incomplete safety data and adverse effects galore and which everyone admits don’t stop spread? Why assume there is some secret trove of scientific validation “they” possess that you don’t? They certainly would have shared it by now to facilitate compliance.

Let’s exercise responsible citizenship, ask for facts, observe the mortality needle, demand the right to use treatments with impeccable safety profiles, trust to the long-term benefits of natural immunity, and refuse to enable the gulags and wastelands these panic purveyors keep peddling.

You can’t Keep a Good Anti-Parasitic Down

You have only to check in with Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, Goa, Mexico, Indonesia, now Japan (which has announced it is getting off the pharma unmerry-go-round and utilizing Ivermectin which has demonstrated its efficacy there once more) to reconfirm the exceptional benefits of this Nobel Prize winning drug. Since 1992 only 5000 roughly adverse effects from close to 4 billion doses (as per WHO’s own database, VigiAccess) compared to the C-19 “vaccines” which in one year have over “two million” as per the same WHO database!

However, the desperation to avoid Ivermectin upsetting the pharma profit orgy magnifies.

Here is a galling, graphic recent instance (reported by Mary Beth Pfeiffer). Sun Ng, retired contractor from Hong Kong, travels to Illinois for his granddaughter’s first birthday. He catches COVID and is near-death in a Chicago area hospital. With every other option exhausted, and at the brink of death, Ivermectin was proposed.

It is FDA approved, though for COVID, it’s an off-label use. The hospital refused, a valiant doctor helped the family take the case urgently to court, where a judge asked the only relevant question: “What’s the downside?” Everything else had been tried, he was in ICU.

Edward Hospital desperately argued: there could be side effects (you have to contain yourself from expletives), ordering IVM would violate its policies (letting someone die is fine), the judge forcing the issue would be judicial over-reach.

The judge wisely disagreed: he was simply asking the hospital to stand aside, and Dr. Bain to have emergency privileges to administer the medicine. After further legal stratagems were exhausted, Dr. Bain, an internist, administered 24 milligrams from November 8th to 12th. Within 5 days Mr. Ng was off the ventilator, by the 16th, breathing without supplemental oxygen.

The hospital continues to appeal the order after it has been carried out and the patient has been rescued from the precipice, where at that stage, on a ventilator, he had at most a 10-15% chance of survival. The judge, grounded in the kind of fact-based reality we’ve been advocating simply read the potential side effects:

“Generally well tolerated, some dizziness possible, some nausea/diarrhea.”

As the judge said,

“The risks are so minimal that Mr. Ng’s current situation outweighs that risk by one-hundredfold.”

It took three decisions, four court appearances, and a moot appeal. Other families would just be defeated by the cost of the litigation. This was even more of an Ivermectin testimonial, as its primary efficacy is early on, in the viral phase of the illness. But here it also quelled the fire of late-stage inflammation and lowered the progression of stiffened lungs (pulmonary fibrosis).

Something beautiful happened, and something ugly abounds that makes this so remarkable.

It's Time to Get Past the Taffy

We are at a terrifying crossroads, and my prayer is that more and more activist citizens in more and more countries see it for what it is and rattle the cages of collective complacency, and we together, vocally, passionately and legally, opt out.

Mindless backfiring lockdowns, pointless oxygen stifling masks, travel restrictions that keep us from interaction and community, education and childhood neutered,

it has all brought us to this moment, where in the US over a million children ages 5 to 11 were injected, in an incoherent frenzy, with the mRNA “vaccine”.

Parents obliviously offered up their children on the altar of Big Pharma. And addled parents clutching their children saying “thank you science” are awash on social media. And though you can show the drivel behind it, put up graphs, show stats, point to Asia and Africa, highlight surges of children with myocarditis, demonstrate how Pfizer lied and hid data to skew trials, it doesn’t matter. This is akin to a medieval trance, a dark, devastating theology, impervious to cross-examination. They don’t even need to “silence” the outrage, because the hypnotic trance is there, and unthinking parents rushed to abdicate the rights of their children.

As for saying “kids like masking” or other garbage, kids are brought up to go along, to fit in, to not be excluded. A mask means you’ve grown up to be like the “cool kids.” Parents otherwise can’t keep their jobs many of them, or actually get kids into school. And with our children increasingly detached from “the old ways” embodied by those who lived them, were versed in them and who honored them, we will be left with digital conformity and the virtual “metaverse.” It is time to almost rediscover the classics: religious texts, literature, quaint things like essays, and traditions, and liturgy. Today it’s all taffy.

Karen Hunt describes going to Bolivia and she was actually vaccinated against Yellow Fever. No one told her she could still get sick. Because this was real vaccination: stimulating the immune system to produce immunity to a specific disease, protecting the person through that immunity from that disease.

A single dose of Yellow Fever vaccination (available for more than 80 years) provides lifelong protection for virtually everyone. It is a live, weakened form of the virus given as a single shot. And Yellow Fever is actually dangerous!

When words and ideas and meanings become taffy, so do we. The illness we face is knowing and saying one thing and meaning something else, or just being meaningless and agenda-advancing. Children being given puberty blockers to put them in thrall to the pharmaceutical industry. Pedophiles being called “Minor Attracted Persons”. Fauci defining away the prohibited “gain of function”…as Rand Paul challenged him pointing out meanings don’t cease to exist because you fiddle with definitions on a website. And while we gamble away civilization, fraud Fauci is shown on Sesame Street vaccinating Santa Claus! Well, maybe we deserve our fates…

But against this, there are millions of outraged everyday folk, not prepared to head into a pathologized totalitarian oblivion. This undertaking depends on cloaking (however unconvincingly) its aims in public health. Unlike ideologies of the past that were proud of their fascism, or wore totalitarianism on their badges, today we claim we are only purging those who are keeping us at risk. But underneath:

“The fanatical pursuit of total control, absolute ideological uniformity, and the elimination of all dissent…”

So, our arguing “medicine” plays into their hands. We had to debunk any claim of legitimacy there first. But we have to now swivel to asking if any elected politicians are actually competent to tell us when and where and how we can exercise those basic freedoms we never gave away, but only elected them to safeguard and to advance? And not by silencing us, or locking us up, or setting up internment camps.

Even China, Saudi Arabia, overtly controlled societies, have ideologies, secular or religious, that purport to advance the aims of their citizens, and to some extent have to do so to validate themselves. The more societies start to fail, the more corrupt versions of global capitalism reveal themselves to be incompetent as a governing methodology, then there is danger, as people may wish to reclaim discretion. So, fear is quickly trotted out, there is always a “crisis” on hand that requires intervention.

Try to go grocery shopping in much of the world without a mask, you will be removed from the premises, despite its futility and uselessness and utter irrelevance in terms of outcomes as shown in jurisdiction after jurisdiction. In much of Europe for protesting, water cannons and rubber bullets and toxic sprays and being beaten (all known of course to be surefire COVID cures) are readily forthcoming. Churches in Canada, Synagogues in Australia, can merit raids, media being alerted, police action. Because of a viral strain virtually everyone recovers from!

Let’s call totalitarianism by its name.

And say “yes” to life, liberty and the pursuit of your humanity instead. As long as we keep shining the light, the fraud cannot ultimately, finally be sustained. The more the light, the more we win. “In the beginning was the Word.” Let’s safeguard that.

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