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The Weird Pandemic Narrative

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

The bizarre confection of panic and lack of lethality that is “Omicron” has essentially laid to rest any rationale for compulsory, mass vaccination.

Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission, intoned her disquiet about the “low” vaccination rate of the EU. The “rationale”? There are allegedly “lifesaving vaccines” but they are not being used adequately.

Exercise is lifesaving. Cutting down sugar is lifesaving. Are these mandates next? Or only those that profit Pfizer and pals?

Essentially, the response to a “mild” variant with no known deaths, and in the UK, as of the date "Plan B" was fielded, no hospitalizations either to date, is travel bans? Why? That must be because the vaccines don’t work.

We are still unaware of any confirmed UK hospitalizations. The US now concedes one, someone fully vaccinated! No deaths reported globally yet "ascribed" to this mild mannered "scariant."

Breaking News: Boris Johnson proclaims “at least one death with Omicron” in the UK, the “with” being telling, as it leaves open that it was an incidental positive test, unrelated to the primary cause of mortality. Spin and subterfuge continue.

At any rate, by the pre 2021 definition these are not really “vaccines” as they never intended or claimed (even in their own submission much less their actual performance) to stop you getting the disease or spreading it. We keep hearing about massive outbreaks in the heavily “vaccinated” jurisdictions. And for those who say they “protect” against serious illness, it is true the fraudulent PCR tests present a total “disconnect” between “positive tests” posing as “cases” and hospitalizations or deaths, but “unvaccinated” Singapore had far lower mortality than “over-vaccinated” Singapore does now for example…ditto Vietnam, Taiwan and more.

And the EU has already forecasted the expiration of their “passes”, because any “protection” offered will have waned into nothingness by then. With Omicron already, narrative cohesion is dead. The CEO of the non-company Moderna (infused with life purely through government vaccine funding) adds his voice to the chorus:

“I think it’s going to be a material drop in vaccine effectiveness.”

By admitting a new mutation essentially renders the “vaccines” moot, we have an issue, as with viruses, particularly those “stressed” by mass vaccination, mutation is precisely what happens. So, we don’t know if they will work at all with new mutations, we’re not quite sure when their efficacy will be completely gone (it starts declining from all data reports within 2 to 3 months), nor do we know the scope and reach of side effects. Here is Pfizer in their own supply contracts:

“…the long-term effects and efficacy of the Vaccine are not currently known and that there may be adverse effects of the Vaccine that are not currently known.”

Can anyone rationally tell us why we should have confidence in a product that producers will only produce if there is complete legal indemnification of the possible side effects flowing from them?

So, in summary, “the Science” has produced a solution that: does not confer immunity or prevent transmission (agreed and accepted by all), loses its protective benefits such that recurring “boosters” are needed, is unlikely to protect against new variants or mutations, has unknown long-term effects, reports of which are stockpiling. Voila! The self-contradictions of the schizophrenic COVID strategy.

The Stresses

We are told hundreds of thousands in the UK could be at increased risk of heart disease or cardiac events. Vascular surgeon Tahir Hussein indicated the UK could see

“300,000 new patients with heart issues”

in the near future.

Surely not the “vaccines.” Nay! Therefore, assert a new disorder. Ready? “Post-pandemic stress disorder!” Of course, they didn’t just make it up out of whole cloth… rein in that cynicism. Why pray tell, would we ever doubt these parlayers of verities? So, pandemic related anxiety (stoked and fostered by whom I wonder?) will have taken such a toll on the public that a 5% increase in heart disease nationwide, not just in the elderly and infirm, is expected.

Dr. Hussein indicates

“…a big increase in thrombotic-related vascular conditions in my practice. Far younger patients are being admitted and requiring surgical and medical intervention than prior to the pandemic.”

Mean spirited observers might be wondering if increasing blood clots and heart disease might possibly be linked to injecting millions with untested gene therapies?

Yes, there was the furor and later banning in some key jurisdictions of Astra Zeneca given its propensity for causing blood clots. And then Pfizer and Moderna revealed a similar adverse effect profile. The CDC reported both of these can cause pericarditis and myocarditis, the complications of which include heart attacks, heart failure and strokes. The UK government, ever happy to help, has produced “special guidelines” for dealing with myocarditis “following COVID-19 vaccination.” We are told this is “very rare.” So rare a government briefing document had to be produced to address it, of course.

Despite all the major “vaccines” having cardiac-related side effects, doctors predicting a major spike in heart related health problems is surely not to manage expectations or have a counter-narrative ready. Anxiety about what’s in the “vaccines” may kill you, the “vaccines” may kill you directly or via panic for boosters, for a virus with a 99.97% recovery rate globally for those not above 70 with chronic multiple illnesses. Nothing wrong with this narrative surely…

In Australia, AusVaxSafety reports after a survey return of 4.87 million “vaccinated” Australians, adverse effects are 44.0% of the dispensed jabs, which if it holds up, would be 17,206,906 adverse effects -- of which then 391,000 will have needed hospitalization or serious medical attention. And we still can reinfect and spread! Of these, most cannot be “causally proven” to be caused by “vaccines” just a correlated outbreak! As someone said

“C-19 vaccines remain the leading cause of coincidences!”

Losing Key Battles

Gaze in awe at the Australia internment camps, the detention centers in Germany, the frothing glee re “locking down” the varlets who won’t be “vaccinated” in much of Europe, and you can see their game is lost. The “elite” is seeking to cover up the botched bamboozle by dragging as much down with them as they can.

Movement passes for 5-year-olds in New York and San Francisco (let freedom ring!), prison for the non-compliant in Austria and Germany (practice that lockstep), no scientific precedent, and an egregious collapse of liberty and democratic conscience. Fight a “war on a virus” and hubris will bring its pal “nemesis” hot on its heels.

Every “faux” stratagem from “lockdowns” to face nappies to rushed through “vaccines” with rigged data have been hurled at the “positive test-demic.” When anyone dying within 28 days of a positive test is a “COVID death” who knows the actual deaths? Close to 120 million will have died 2020-21, statistically normal, and we have ignored virtually all other forms of suffering and devastation, fixated by one pathogen. And those calling the plays, the US and Europe, have the worst stats globally. Follow the science!

Masks, lockdowns, “vaccines” seem to flop virtually everywhere. Take a peek at Portugal, 92.2% fully “vaccinated”, restrictions galore, “cases” skyrocketing, higher than any time since last February. 91% of adults at least partially “vaccinated” in France, strict vaccine passports, they are poised to break their own previous “case” record.

Yet the simple remedy of stopping mass testing (South Africa after Omy has seen “cases” surge 7X, with no increase in hospitalizations or deaths), focus on the symptomatic, use cheap, affordable, readily available treatments that bring mortality close to zero? No! Far too simple and grounded in liberating logic. What fun would that be, compared to “purity papers” and “vaccine compliance” tracking codes, and face muzzles and daily virtue signaling hysteria?

Lockdowns STILL Don’t Work

Cost-benefit is the anathema of the lockdowners, multiple reports assessing outcomes since summer of 2020 have not been kind to this strange fetish, verging on a religion. In a new paper, Ari Joffe and David Redman review a further 11 studies, using QALY (quality of life years given mortality age) as the primary metric. Costs considered included GDP loss, unemployment, loss from isolation, projected suicides, interrupted non-university schooling, surplus unemployment, loss of specific economic sectors, impact on mental health and on vulnerable groups.

Impacts ranged from 6 to 26X higher costs to purported benefits! Clearly targeted mitigation was far better than suppression. And these results were with assumptions made that were favorable to lockdowns, for example that they have a large impact on epidemic trajectory (they do not, through repeated reports). But even working on those assumptions, the authors conclude their results

“strongly suggest that lockdowns do not have a favorable cost-benefit balance.”

They suggest, as have evidence-anchored analysts and medical specialists, that the aim should be to minimize “harm to society as a whole” not just minimizing the number of alleged COVID deaths, as if that dubious causal chain was to remain the one towering consideration for all of humanity, indefinitely.

The four flawed, damningly flawed theses that have compromised the life, economy and community of the planet are:

“No one is protected until all are protected” (patently preposterous),

“Lockdowns are highly effective in reducing transmission” (demonstrably not),

“Lockdowns have a favorable cost-benefit profile” (as above, we have to go gagging to the bank on that one), and

“Lockdowns are the only effective option” (hence they were shunned and bypassed from the Middle Ages on and even there we never locked down the healthy or tried to “trap” pathogens after they had spread!).

What does work is to age-stratify the illness and understand risk factors (here tracking normal mortality, with a 99% recovery for those not above 70 with comorbidities), separate those at greatest risk from the threat (focused protection), ensure critical infrastructure for those who need specialized medical attention, welcome all safe, efficacious treatments rather than for the first time in history telling doctors “don’t treat” until the ICU! Especially when thousands of patients receiving such treatments show a mortality close to zero! We are dealing with willful disregard for medical facts and showcasing pandemic stupidity.

Virtually all transmission is indoors, ergo “locking in” is particularly absurd.

The most lethal comorbidity is obesity, and exercise is key, as is Vitamin D enriched sunshine, and oxygen enriched air, all lethal to viruses. And there is virtually no documented case of outdoor transmission. Therefore, this is fear mongering and outright medical illiteracy.

We have to replace fear with confidence.

Instead of chasing case counts, it is reducing hospitalization and mortality that are keys, and there are such wonderful treatments that abound. And they are smeared and suppressed, as there is terror that “vaccines” will lose their EUA basis, and billions in predatory profits will be lost.

Locking people down inflicts immense economic and collateral damage.

Schools need to stay open as there is virtually no data of children being at risk, and as per the CDC again, healthy children do not die or even get seriously sick from C-19, only those with many compounding illnesses. But the damage caused by lack of education, lack of socialization, stunted development, impact on emotional health through isolation, undermining future earning potential, literal starvation in developing countries and indeed lifespan, are evident and horrifying.

Children are factually at lower risk from COVID than seasonal influenza

(as are most healthy people below 50), school transmission is virtually nil (none tracked in Sweden which kept their schools open throughout) and teachers have a better risk profile than other workers of their age.

Mattias Desmet, professor of clinical psychology at the University of Ghent has been outspoken re the phenomenon he calls “mass formation”. He points out that people succumb to absurd narratives of the type we’ve had shoveled our way, not because they find it plausible, but because it offers admission to a social bond that had atrophied in society otherwise.

Loneliness and Lack of Meaning

People feel alienated, alone, mass culture, so called “modern” culture pulls us away from deep bonds and interactions. In the UK a “Minister of Loneliness” was actually appointed. The US claims to have a “loneliness epidemic” and this does not rely primarily on physical isolation. Lockdown type isolation serves to only exacerbate that without a unifying narrative -- even one corroded in terms of facts.

And then with this comes the lack of “meaning making.” Jobs do not emotionally take up the slack. David Graeber wrote a book called “Bullshit Jobs” outlining that at least 40% of the workforce find their jobs a necessary evil at best, completely meaningless otherwise. The Gallup World Poll was more terrifying on this front, reporting only 13% reported they found their work lives to be meaningful. About 63% said they literally sleepwalk through their day. European countries like Belgium report 300 million doses of antidepressants, steeply increasing, and so the third condition is “free floating anxiety” as we’ve written earlier. We don’t know how to navigate our emotions.

Therapists are suggesting that what we see in younger people is not so much clinical depression as rampant “demoralization” which they characterize as a massive disconnect between our “mental map” and the world it is aiming to represent. This was a massive meltdown, the lack of harmony between the symbolic representation and the world itself, leading to disorientation, hapless helplessness, angst and more.

And this then leads to free floating aggression and frustration, and in despair and anxious anger, people look to find something to connect their anxiety and frustration to. So, if then the mass media serves up a narrative, and suggests a collective strategy by which to respond (however detached from reality or facts), suddenly the anxiety is moored in "something", there is a greater sense of “control.”

And therefore, this travesty of public health has “belonging” icons from masks to social distancing to getting “vaccinated” and then “boosted” and anger and outrage can be diverted to those who don’t wish to “belong”, who are desecrating our new psychological “cult” posing as a “community”. And to “go along” is somehow heroic, as if we were volunteers fighting a war. And the shrill intolerance for dissent, no matter how grounded that is in data, is the outrage of the true believer, whose tenuous grasp of a slippery certainty is threatened.

The volcanic outrage lavished on some of the most distinguished scientists seeking to restore medical sanity, sharing overwhelmingly positive clinical experiences and findings, offering perspective relative to other illnesses that can restore us to balance, stems from this.

Of course, to participate you give up things, you readily “sacrifice” no matter how implausible the measures. And this has clear disadvantages, you have to narrow your field of vision, you aggressively filter out dissenting data, or it just doesn’t “stick”. So, those under the spell, exclude collateral damage or the meltdown of civil liberties over a middling virus from the equation. Any death, any “positive test” surge, is potentially apocalyptic…emotionally anyway, given the mass formation “hypnosis.”

So, a 78-year-old with cancer and three other co-morbidities passes ‘with’ if not ‘from’ COVID, the mortality is flashed, worth stopping a planet in its tracks. If a 28-year-old loses their business, can’t support their parents, falls into a deep depression, accidentally overdoses and dies, it’s irrelevant. And multiply that by children forced into child weddings and child labor and not inoculated against illnesses we actually have vaccines for, and it still doesn’t matter, outside our newly established field of consciousness and now acutely limited range of conscience.

So, the trance must be broken. We must speak, “for” reality and facts and not “against” stupidity per se. We must let the insanity of the system lead to its own self-destruction as all those who have studied such phenomena indicate happens. And of course, this needs to be non-violent, legal, but persistent, fact based, compassionate, and unrelenting re the values that underpin democratic societies.

South Africa and Speaking Up

The yowling excess re Omicron, with travel restrictions detached from reality being applied, has led to what the UN Secretary General has characterized as “medical apartheid.” Unsubstantiated panic, and despite at least 40% of the so called “spread” being from and between “vaccinated” people (reported by Dr. Peter McCullough, cardiologist and epidemiologist), there is the fact free “vaccination” chorus once more. All roads lead to pointless boosters.

And the South African government, rightly mindful of the exchequer, assures the world the “scariant” is mild, but is ready to lock down and impose mandates that infringe on the rights of its citizens. How are these postures at all compatible? Pfizer, unable to get such indemnification out of India (and hence India is “spared” this “remedy”), arm twisted South Africa into doing so. Again, force people to get a “treatment” the producer has no accountability for?

South Africans are endowed by their history, with an intuitive allergy to blatant exercises of uncontained power, and rightly feel assaulted by a confluence of Big Pharma, Big Tech and government authoritarianism.

Let’s just tune in to an article from PBS,

“Worried scientists in South Africa are scrambling to combat the lightning spread across the country of a new and highly transmissible Omicron variant as the world grapples…”

Leading, incendiary terms, when “positive tests” have indeed spiked, but deaths have not been affected, also in Botswana. South Africa with roughly 25% double jabbed has a lower ascribed C-19 death rate than countries far more “jabbed” including Canada (77%), Denmark (77%), Ireland (76%), Italy (74%), France (71%), UK (69%), Germany (69%) and the US (57%). So why the terror of those “from” South Africa or Botswana?

Such “journalism” is just bad faith, and once we realize that a few calls to South African doctors would have rewritten the headline, then we realize why it has been said we are manipulated to “think” in herds, we go “mad” in herds, and we recover our senses slowly, one by one, or in small communities of the humane and sane.

We need to build our own firewalls, not just relative to this inflated crisis, but future attempts to roll out this horrific, humanity leeching playbook. We need to recover the lost art of “how” to think and not have foisted on us, “what” to think.

And when a viral strain with a 99%+ recovery rate is addressed by medieval penal strategies like “lockdown” and bacteria gathering cloth masks for nanoparticles, and “vaccines” you have to incentivize via ice cream cones or internment camps, perhaps we can realize the narrative is ridiculous, and reeks to high heaven.

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