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The Variants of COVID Madness: Stepping Into the Breach

German police use excessive force against anti-lockdown protestors (

Ellie Wiesel, and I am paraphrasing here, suggested that whenever human rights are threatened or people are marginalized, stripped of their humanity, the center of the universe shifts there.

Well, the center of the universe is extremely mobile these days. It is hovering with David Turner’s son who he reported being in the ICU for three days from a second vaccine dose with myocarditis and chest pain. He writes,

‘Docs say they’ve seen 60 other boys with this. Want to help pay the $100k bill? The vax is experimental and not FDA approved. More caution, testing, and zero censorship is needed.’

The center of the universe must surely have been present as we saw a German policeman literally smack a young boy approximately 9 years of age during a protest. Where does that maliciously impotent fury, striking out at the utterly vulnerable and defenseless come from?

The center of the universe surely made a pit stop as an elderly man in Queensland, arrested for having no mask (though he had an exemption which he explained) due to the tightness of the handcuffs suffered a seizure and went into cardiac arrest. What demonic pathology insists on demanding a demonstrably ineffectual cloth mask outdoors, completely indifferent to the actual medical risks being run?

The Universe Closes In

And the world is awash in such crises, and we must forever resist the temptation of saying this is because of the pandemic. It is rather because of our crackpot, humanity-deriding response to the less than 1% statistical likelihood for the overwhelming majority of us, that my holy carcass might lose a year or two off normal mortality.

And let’s remember, there are ways to increase our odds even there, to treat early, strengthen immunity, and not keep inducing one of the great comorbidities -- perpetual nonstop anxiety and fear, however misplaced. Even CDC studies concede, this is one of the great killers. And yet we do everything we can to foster it.

Macron’s inner ‘fascist’ seems to have come to the fore requiring rabid levels of paranoia, with certificates demanded for the once romantic aspirations of visiting the Eiffel Tower or having an atmospheric drink in an open café. No degree of unscientific aversion to normal living is adequate it seems. And France has recoiled, with protests erupting everywhere, unions on strike, the country in freefall.

Nearby, fully “vaccinated” Italians have been burning their vaccine passes in outrage at the pointless effrontery of having a two-tier society and in solidarity with freedom.

While cases continue to plummet post ‘Freedom Day’ in the UK and the lifting of restrictions reconfirms Neil Ferguson’s unblemished record for peerless inaccuracy in yet again mistakenly forecasting 100,000 plus positive tests posing as cases, there seems little rejoicing in the land.

Masking is still afoot, color coding of countries for tourism travel, continued immunity to evidence that the ‘vaccines’ have been leaky, have flopped in terms of staving off transmissibility and reinfection. What this still leaves in place is this toxic evangel of the median influenza strain that, through our wanton gullibility and acquiescence, took over the planet.

In New York City confounding guidance re vaccine passports seems determined to, perhaps irretrievably, hobble that iconic great city of the 20th century. Due to a total collapse of logic, the city that once welcomed immigrants from everywhere playing host to everything, teeming with God knows how many pathogens, and which held fast to its hardiness and resilience, now seems a cowering shadow of its former self.

A New York blogger residing in Manhattan had overseas family visiting from Europe fully ‘vaccinated.’ Seeking to dine in a West Village restaurant as their vaccines were not the two mRNA US vax variants, they were not allowed to dine inside nor even to dine outside where overwhelming research tells us outdoor transmission is virtually close to zero. So, we now have theology posing as medical prudence.

Just for the diversion, let us look at the fruitless illogic here. If the ‘vaccines’ worked as vaccines, then the unvaccinated would pose no danger. Rather than intruding on the sovereignty of their bodies, we could let them assume the risk just as people who have a diet high in high fructose corn syrup opt to do with arguably clear staggering collateral impact on their health and longevity.

If, on the other hand, these ‘vaccines’ don’t work, then having a passport, again, makes no sense. As per the CDC and overwhelming data just about everywhere, post vaccine reinfection is a reality and transmissibility occurs regardless. Therefore, these are not vaccines, but therapeutics suppressing your likelihood of getting seriously ill and dying over a particular period, after which that protection wanes.

Ergo, how can you mandate this one therapeutic any more than you can mandate chemotherapy or knee surgery rather than the option of more holistic rehab? This is now as much a private matter as how fast a person might drive, whether they smoke, whether they protect themselves during sexual intercourse or any of a myriad of things that accompany the glorious, madcap business of choosing how to live.

And the fact that there are early treatments aplenty and below 65 without comorbidities, virtually no one is at mortal risk means that our indulgence of human whimsy here need only be very mild indeed.

More Madness

Nor are the Canadians faring much better, outside of the recent pugnacity being shown in Alberta to renounce the “Covidian” theological mandates of masking, lockdowns, and enforced distancing. A Canadian living in France recounts how she was not vaccinated, having recovered from COVID, and being in a fragile health condition. Her French doctor said she didn’t need the vaccination, and it would not be medically advisable.

Living with France’s current dictatorial guidelines, she had to have an antigen test every 48 hours! She was dutiful, it was required, and she was not willing to experiment with her health. And any real science would have said she was immune, and had sterilizing immunity for an extended period, likely for life. However, facts and fear make for uncomfortable bedfellows.

Hoping to go “home” to Canada to visit her mother, she underwent yet another PCR test, and carried the negative test results, a mound of antigen test results, and of course medical proof of COVID recovery and medical advice against vaccination. And, once more, she is a Canadian citizen. She was rebuffed upon landing!

Despite everything she traveled with, and the evident facts, she was told she would have to undergo another test, and check herself in, at her own expense, into their “quarantine hotel,” which cost a “mere” $2,000. And if cleared, she could enjoy two further weeks of home isolation or some such nonsense.

Warned she would be arrested and the “fine” would be significant if she attempted to evade this charming welcome protocol, she asked if she could fly back. This they assented to, and the $1350 or so flight ticket back was still cheaper than her “purifying” incarceration would have been. She was rebuked for having the temerity to follow scientific facts and her doctor’s advice, and assured they were “letting her off lightly” when she could have been penalized for even stepping on her country’s shores it seems.

Her mother was in tears, clearly fraught, helplessly awaiting her daughter in the entry hall. Back in France, which comparatively must have seemed a libertarian reprieve by contrast, our bereft Canadian was contemplating, and I trust acting on some form of legal action. Is “immunity to science and sense” a defense these days one wonders?

You Hear the Weirdest Things

I was on a podcast with some eminent friends, and some wonderful organizers in California. I was making a point about the insanity of masks, given the particle size of the COVID virus, especially as we now know it is primarily airborne. Evidence is not hard to locate. A 98% mask compliance in Hawaii, and close to 85% adult vaccination (at least one dose), has not inhibited a surge of not just “positive tests” but hospitalizations that are overtaking the earlier established winter thresholds.

All over the world, there is no correlation between mask mandates and sustained COVID results. In India the ambient pollution makes the masks even more farcical, but with 6% vaccination they are doing in terms of “deaths per million” as well as anyone outside of Africa.

Anyway, clinician Richard Urso was pointing out that he had challenged people to find any data based, randomized trial showing mask efficacy, against a sizable dollar amount. He is yet to have anyone come forward. There are studies galore demonstrating the opposite from 2019 on which the WHO based its pre-politically lobbied stance, and a much-hated Danish trial which confirms the same, since.

It was pointed out during our podcast that when such points were raised in discussions in California, enthusiasts of muzzles would say, to be against masks was to be “racist.” This, took me a tad by surprise. It was explained the Hopi Indians are in difficult circumstances, cannot readily avail of health care, and we must not “fumigate” them with our viruses.

Well since the masks don’t work, putting a plastic bag on your head would be about as helpful to the Hopi Indians. Moreover, most of that tribe live in Arizona?

I was told being against lockdowns was also racist. This fascinated me. I would have thought, the more affluent “sheltering in place,” while the less affluent delivered their personal needs, and food, and distractions to them, and who exposed themselves to stock and deliver these and other requirements, and were not sheltered, as an indefinite arrangement, was a lot more “racist” or prejudiced or self-absorbed or whatever.

With a clearly age stratified illness, not of mortal risk to the overwhelming majority, and with early treatments aplenty, surely the less racist or prejudiced act would be to get out there with them, and build natural immunity, a wall of immunity. This would then shelter our elderly, vulnerable, and indeed too, the Hopi Indians, but also all those unable to work from home to keep us in our Uber Eats and Netflix supported stupor.

Insanity by Vaccine

Clearly the “vaccines” don’t work as touted, or Pakistan would not be shutting off cell phone access or denying people the ability to enter a shopping complex if not jabbed… but then, France and others, may have already beaten them to it, in terms of alarmist excess. Israel, in free fall panic, administering a third shot as a “booster,” has already had reinfections from that demographic.

And so Pfizer is developing an anti-viral, clearly admitting the vaccines won’t cut it. Much is being made of the “breakthrough” Molnupiravir drug, jointly developed by Merck and Rigibel in Germany. This is the same Merck that developed Ivermectin, the Nobel Prize winning anti-parasitic, and then has been slamming its lack of applicability for C-19. We now know why. The patent expired, and IVM was “donated” by Merck, thinking it was to be used for river blindness, where it was salvific. So, an enhanced pill, Ivermectin with bells and whistles perhaps, positions them to earn fresh billions.

We are being assured, as it is passing through stage 3 trials apparently, that it should be available in the coming 4 to 5 months (this wiped out in literally one day the decimation of mink in Netherlands and Norway, literally millions dying on mink farms prior, after one dosage, the coronavirus was gone).

If, as anticipated, in 4 to 5 months, this is available, a 5-day course of self-treatment at home would suffice. No more adverse effects of mRNA or vector viral gene antigen pump priming to attack our own immune system with. So, why rabidly run around jabbing everyone now?

Again, UK has soaring Delta cases, close to 26,000 a day still, and a mercifully middling 36 daily deaths. Euromomo still shows no untoward excess mortality anywhere in Europe. So, the positive tests when they don’t translate to hospitalizations and deaths, don’t matter.

The US, across the country recently had about 100k daily “positive tests” and only 326 daily deaths. India, originator of the “Delta variant” with about 6% vaccination, and as per government seroprevalence studies, 70% natural immunity based on antibodies over the age of 6, had 27k “positive tests” in a recent day and 376 “ascribed” deaths. These are not terror stats, requiring armies administering the desperately promoted ‘jab.’

And given that Delta seems to have evaded our vaccines (antigenic, immune escape), and future variants are likely to bypass them even more comprehensively, the vaccines are increasingly irrelevant.

The virus is deeply embedded in the world population, airborne, will keep circulating, looking for seasonal periods when our immune systems are compromised, or when they are outright deranged by this “gene therapy” assault. So, this is likely to circulate like the common cold and influenza. Time to remove its “porn star” billing. It’s not that exceptional, certainly in terms of mortality outcomes.

While, in the short term, the vaccines seem good at preventing severe disease and death, they wane, and the protection is short lived. And despite that, you can still get infected, and you readily “shed” and transmit. Add all the zealotry of mask wearing and madcap kowtowing to the cult of “leaky” vaccines, and even CDC admits the highly contagious Delta variant or other future variants will still spread.

Unprecedented adverse effects have been recorded, longer term impact is unknown, neurologically, or otherwise. Mass surges seem to accompany large scale vaccination. Other known side effects include serious cardiac and thrombotic conditions, menstrual cycle disruptions, Bell’s Palsy, Guillain Barre syndrome, anaphylaxis and more.

There are the unknown side effects which many eminent virologists have flagged as lethal reproductive risks, additional autoimmune disorders, various types of disease enhancement by being more vulnerable to reinfection from COVID-19 or reactivating latent viral infections or associated diseases like shingles.

And as highlighted, beyond 180 days, there is scant benefit, confirmed by Israeli data, also now by Pfizer and other countries. And we have no idea what impact or benefit or risk “booster shots” will have. No proper trial has been done, and it is the sheer terror of having their arrogance, inhumanity and caprice shown up, that has “public health” officials darting for this alleged lifeboat.

We are told by leading specialists that the more you vaccinate, the greater the number of vaccine-resistant mutations you are likely to get, the less durable the vaccines will be, the more powerful they will have to be, and risk will escalate beyond even where it is today, which by any past standards, would have been far beyond any acceptable number of adverse effects.

The novel gene therapy apparently does not stay localized, so there is mortal danger there. But even beyond that, for the first time in history, essentially, if everyone were “vaccinated” and had precisely the same immune response strategy, a viral escape mutant would be one that bypasses that, and it will then run riot through the entire population then, vaccinated or not. We are “training” vaccine resistance and perhaps immune resistant variants in the making.

And there are, for the sane, and not in a pharma economic gulag, so many scientifically demonstrated prophylactics and therapeutics to opt for instead. These interventions are not dependent on specific viral properties or mutations but the inflammatory symptoms of the disease itself. No amount of authoritarian “pouting” will transform this reality. And a temper tantrum at mother nature, anyway, rarely ends well.

Saving Our Lives

It has been sagely pointed out that when we feel ineffectual, hopeless, overwhelmed, the great activists remind us that all we have to do is to ensure the lies don’t pass through us.  Those lies, as I’ve written before, are parasitic and need human hosts on which to feed and through whom to multiply.  And when we decide not to harbor them, make room for them, defer to them out of some misguided politeness or pseudo community, they hit an impasse.  They begin to shrivel and die. 


I was interviewing PANDA’s passionate and insightful chairman Nick Hudson and made this point (click here to listen).  When he posted it on his Twitter feed, I was deeply moved to read one of the comments from a lady who said essentially,

“One ordinary person reached, who will not let the lies pass through her.”  

Well, that is everything.


So, you can tell a sham by many symptoms.  Reflexive censorship of anything outside ‘the narrative,’ which is all you can get when you prostitute science.  Rather than welcoming a robust exchange, you have the blessed Zev Zelenko, now being put forth for nomination to the Nobel Committee for his medical valor and courage, who found his HCQ based protocol villainously smeared.  The clearly ersatz articles were later retracted from eminent medical journals who should be doing a walk of shame in perpetuity for their mendacity and sham review process. 


We should be celebrating early treatment heroes like Dr. Peter McCullough not having Baylor absurdly suing him having pickled both their wits and ethics.  In appropriately outraged response, global outpouring of effusive support for this wonderful, tireless, gushing fount of early medical treatment wisdom and humane activism has been vastly reassuring. 


In fact, one definition of being a top medical practitioner or researcher with integrity must today be that you have been deplatformed, censored, sued, vilified and attacked without any substantive, factual rebuttal of your conclusions or ideas.  Abraham Lincoln once said,

“No one ever kicks a dead dog.”  

People who cannot be bought or cajoled by power structures through their independence -- through not letting lies pass through them -- are extraordinary threats to those with anti-human agendas and are among the greatest hopes for the survival of the possibility filled human story as we know it. 


We cannot even apply the precautionary principle.  Have you seen one single government have the audacity to put up a cost benefit analysis with both national and global repercussions of locking down society indefinitely over an influenza strain which, based on global seroprevalence studies, has an IFR of 0.15%? 


Instead, anyone who does this, like that sainted man Anders Tegnell, Chief Epidemiologist of Sweden, is savaged with unabated venom, and Sweden floats through.  Taking 2019 and 2020 together its mortality compares very well, even with its Scandinavian neighbors, its economy never shut and is rebounding, its society has none of the psychosis of long-term paralysis, its 2021 mortality is below five-year averages, and here in this summer of the Delta variant, Sweden has effectively had a month of virtually no Covid related mortality.  In any sane world this would be studied, not shunned. 


The precautionary principle would also tell us that when 25,000 children die of hunger every day, there may be bigger humanitarian concerns.  When in India, which has approximately 1/6th of the Covid deaths per million of the US and EU, but 1,200 die of TB daily and 2,000 a day from diarrhea, again, we should stop strutting around claiming that we are acutely sensitive to human mortality and suffering. 

So, folks, the clown show, is coming apart at the seams. Too much invested for any graceful about face, and whatever lunatic fringe excursion we’ve been on, is too detached from the life and times of virtually all of us, to wonder at the plunder any longer.

Jackboots on our faces forever, or our civil or uncivil disobedience eventually provides a straw that breaks this frothing camel’s back. Time to reclaim our lives. At least via the ballot box we can aim to depose some of these scavengers. We just can’t be this pliable. Australia on a 7th lockdown now? South Africa with 500 days of lockdown and some of the worst, population adjusted mortality, to show for it.

Glorious art, music, culture, travel, exchange, interaction, dissipated, centers of civilization, converted into depressed, dystopian shadows of themselves. Lockdown over what?

For those of us not at serious risk, demand the right to be infected, we are “infected” by life in so many ways already. And we have prophylactics and treatment even for this largely ineffectual viral strain. Youngsters aren’t at risk from this pathogen, invite them to galvanize a response, fortify our defenses with their immunity, and via insisting on the right to be represented rather than manipulated, pick the planet they want to live on.

We will never transcend this by reverting to a passive, incurious, coddled place, where we can retreat to “pods” anytime we’re rattled. It will have to be a world full of aliveness, where we step into the breach, where we fill our lungs with the breath of freedom, where we engage avidly, and when we need to, where we “man” and “woman” collectively, the barricades of human autonomy and dignity.


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