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The Pernicious Pandemic Blinders

Updated: Jan 9, 2022

A colleague of mine sent me the following from someone writing as “independent_journalism_”:

“Among all the vaccines I have known in my life (diphtheria, tetanus, measles, rubella, chickenpox, hepatitis, meningitis and tuberculosis), I have never seen a vaccine that forced me to wear a mask and maintain my social distance, even when you are fully vaccinated…I had never heard of a vaccine that spreads the virus even after vaccination. I had never heard of rewards, discounts, incentives to get vaccinated. I never saw discrimination for those who didn’t. If you haven’t been vaccinated, no one had tried to make you feel like a bad person. I have never seen a vaccine that threatens the relationship between family, colleagues and friends.

I have never seen a vaccine used to threaten livelihoods, work or school. I have never seen a vaccine that would allow a 12-year-old to override parental consent. After all the vaccines I listed above, I have never seen a vaccine like this one, which discriminates, divides and judges society as it is. And as the social fabric tightens…it’s a powerful vaccine. She does all these things except IMMUNIZATION. If we still need a booster dose after we are fully vaccinated, and we still need to get a negative test after we are fully vaccinated, and we still need to wear a mask after we are fully vaccinated, and still be hospitalized after we are fully vaccinated, it will likely come to the time for us to admit we’ve been completely deceived.”

A sobering, exhaustive tour of the weird, implausible, ever evolving Covidian narrative. And perhaps segueing from the recent season of thanksgiving, of reflection, of looking back and looking forward, we need to review how we landed here and where “here” really is. And I give my thanks and acknowledgement to Dr. Thomas Binder for providing this framework.

Spinning Panic

By February 2020, doctors I work with globally remark on having been amazed. People with sore throats stopped going to their GPs (normally they would have waited to see if the symptoms worsened), but fled to the nearest hospital, manic in their panic to be “tested” for fear of impending suffocation and death.

The world was rent asunder along ideological fault lines, the fear addled true believers and the besieged sceptics. Power gorged psychopaths and their narcissistic lackeys overtook the propaganda mill and managed the message with ever increasing infusions of agitation. This flowed from the sham “PCR test” which confesses in its own paperwork not to be for diagnostic purposes and to be inapplicable for mass asymptomatic testing. Of course, it was rolled out globally for precisely these two, inapplicable uses!

We were “warned” by the “fake” whooping cough epidemic in 2006/2007. Emanating from New Hampshire, an infectious disease specialist thought they were at the beginning of a pertussis epidemic. And if indeed it was whooping cough, the disease can be fatal to babies and lead to dangerous pneumonia in frail, elderly patients.

For months, panic mounted. Nearly 1,000 medical center staff members were given a quick PCR test, 14.2% were positive and therefore “diagnosed” with pertussis. Thousands, including many children, received antibiotics and vaccines for protection. Months later, bacterial cultures, the diagnostic gold standard for pertussis, could not detect the bacterium that causes whooping cough in a single sample!

The then still reliable NY Times published a piece on this in 2007

“Faith in Quick Test Leads to Epidemic that Wasn’t.”

It was all an insane false alarm. The blind faith in an untested PCR test, misapplied, fomented the undue alarm. With hundreds of thousands of tests, PCR tests are prone to produce false positives which can supply the ready appearance of an “epidemic.”

As a leading epidemiologist explained,

“All the madness seemed so sensible at the time.”

We might have learned something from this?

Then came the Swine Flu Scandal I’ve written about earlier. In 2009, a highly contagious, dangerous influenza virus, H1N1, seemed to threaten humanity. Horror scenarios flowed, including from the manufacturer of today’s PCR tests (Christian Drosten), horror scenarios predicting millions of deaths worldwide. WHO obliged by changing the definitional criteria for a pandemic, for reasons unexplained to this day. How dangerous the pathogen is, got dialed out. A rapid, massive spread, even of a comparatively harmless pathogen was now enough to be “pandemic.”

Rattled by the WHO anointing of a “global pandemic”, governments rushed to procure hundreds of millions of packages of expensive antiviral drugs and hundreds of millions of doses of hastily approved vaccines which were, still though, produced via conventional means. It took the concerted expertise and reputational firepower of pneumologist and politician Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg and microbiologist and infection epidemiologist Professor Sucharit Bhakdi to gain media and political attention and pull the plug on the global madness.

Worldwide, about 150,000 to 600,000 passed with or from H1N1, less dangerous than seasonal influenza. Fortunately, vaccination readiness was low. Even so, in Sweden alone for example, 700 children contracted disabling narcolepsy (sleeping sickness) through unnecessary and unsafe vaccines. Millions of doses were sold or given away by richer nations, close to 8.9 million doses were disposed of… narrowly averting a major disaster.

The pharma/WHO/politician propaganda campaign completely hoodwinked the health authorities. Second learning opportunity.

Finally, “Event 201” a major Corona Pandemic simulation 2019. An alleged outbreak of a corona pandemic in South America is the scenario. This was organized by the usual cabal, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Johns Hopkins University, World Economic Forum, and a coterie of enablers. Looking back at the Spanish Flu, the bird and swine flus, no more influenza, but a coronavirus, essentially unknown to laypeople, politicians and journalists.

Attendees are curiously (or not so curiously) not doctors, but WHO reps, representatives of Western governments, the UN, global corporations in the fields of finance and pharmaceuticals, tourism and media, and notably Dr. George Gao, virologist and director of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

As per the simulation, the only resolution is global governmental and private synergy, system-relevant global corporations and industries are propped up, while on the altar of “necessary sacrifices” are of course those SMEs. It is stipulated that deviant voices must be censored consistently and pitilessly in the social and mass media, and only global “mass vaccination” can end the pandemic. 65 million deaths are anticipated worldwide.

Not only is the chilling “playbook”, eerily consistent with what we’ve all been living through, available for online perusal, but the documentary “Event 201: Corona Pandemic from the Drafting Table” produced with German and English subtitles by ExpressZeitung in June 2020 will show you the complete collapse of the mass media and their outright servitude to the orchestrators of this deplorable imposed cataclysm.

Back to the Corona Sweepstakes

And so, two and a half months later, December 2019, a date that will certainly go down in infamy, Dr. George Gao reports 27 cases of “pneumonia of unknown cause” to the WHO (out of a Chinese population of 1.4 billion), and a week later a “novel” coronavirus is identified as the cause.

Two weeks after that, the aforesaid Christian Drosten presents a paper, work on which must have begun psychically before anything was reported, about a rapid RT-PCR test (which the US has now withdrawn its EUA request for because we find it cannot distinguish effectively between C-19 and influenza… nice to know that now I suppose!). Peer review happens within an unprecedented 48 hours, the journal doing the “review” has Drosten on the Editorial Review Board! Banana republics usually have more shame.

Time travel had clearly been perfected in these circles, as mysteriously WHO had already posted the Corman-Drosten RT-PCR test on its website a week earlier! And had advocated it as the diagnostic gold standard, though the PCR test creator, and its own paperwork, and today even WHO, concede it should not be used primarily to diagnose.

Laying the base further, by January 30th, the New England Journal of Medicine, which then still was perceived as having more than a veneer of integrity, published a narrative from Drosten alleging

“epidemiologically relevant asymptomatic transmission.”

This was later debunked, but by then a world was spasming out of control.

WHO names this SARS-CoV-2 though the Chinese recommended it be classified as a “human” coronavirus, far less dangerous than the original SARS. So, the Swine Flu roll-out is repeated, but this time, no dissension will be brooked. Government task forces are composed globally with no medical doctors who have actually treated COVID patients or illnesses of that ilk. Lab physicians and biologists pose as virologists and epidemiologists, though having never examined anyone suffering from a respiratory infection. And they blithely declare this is an “alien” about which we know nothing and must regard as extremely dangerous, and so it is open season for silly Imperial College and IHME modeling.

Dr. Binder points out the Swiss Federal Council made up of those with no experience with respiratory infection, morphed into the “Swiss National COVID-19 Science Task Force.” They declare the highest danger level as per their epidemic law, on zero scientific evidence, none still published, nor with any record keeping of their activities. If Swiss Cantonal government had operated in so slovenly a way, instead of global banking and mediation, cuckoo clocks would have been the height of Swiss fame.

And this time, libeling experts is mainstream, including Professor Sucharit Bhakdi and others. Dr. Binder telling this tale, was arrested by an anti-terrorist squad in his office, and when it was revealed, he had threatened no one, they lapsed into sending him for six days to a psychiatric ward due to

“self-endangerment while in COVID insanity.”

All pandemic plans to 2019 safeguarded society as a whole, and minimized overall harm, keeping individual rights, society and economy intact. Now, self-destructive, penal, quasi-medieval interventions were rolled out with relish, and in lockstep. Fancifully we are to believe that a brief, pyrotechnically vivid “lockdown” in Wuhan effectively removed COVID more or less permanently from all of China.

And then for the first time in medical history, doctors were told not to treat, unless and if people arrived, literally gasping for breath in the ICU. At any other time, “protocols” would have been tested and tried by all major universities, and the shockingly good news of mild lethality below 75 without chronic illnesses, and the plethora of repurposed drugs that worked brilliantly from HCQ to Ivermectin to Doxy, to exceptional benefits from Zinc and Vitamin D, would all have been trumpeted, tested and mass distributed, rather than vilified, smeared, suppressed in favor of untested gene therapies and scandalously expensive “treatments” that led to more deaths and which were persistently given at the wrong phase of the illness. Something was rotten indeed not only in Denmark but far and wide.

In a nutshell, the narrative fed to us (all of which is essentially demonstrated bunk) is: We have a pandemic of a perennial killer virus, which needs to be perpetually tested for by the Drosten PCR test. It is spread asymptomatically so everyone is a potential killer, there is no basis in cross-immunity (forget those damned floating ships, the Diamond Princess and the USS Roosevelt that proved otherwise). The provoked disease is “barely” treatable (except by 30 cent repurposed drugs we must do fraud hit pieces on which we later retract from Lancet long after we’ve muddied the water).

It is increasingly infectious, and we can only overcome this by measures “never” used before (don’t ask how we know this, or why results keep backfiring) like antisocial distancing, cloth masks which were said to be useless through 2019 throughout the medical community, contact tracing for an airborne virus and serial vaccination of the world population using “jabs” that haven’t completed their safety trials and whose placebo groups we quickly jabbed so no “control group” would survive.

A crowning moment for humanity and world leadership!

And What We Know Actually Is

There is no global “pandemic” in the sense of excess mortality globally, nor has there been. Excess mortality has tracked different responses, not the pathogen. And where immunity is robust, we find a plethora of other factors from greater salvific Vitamin D enriched sunshine to openness to early treatment, younger populations and more, and there we see no “crisis” at all -- Africa overall, Asia except where mass vaccination was introduced. From global seroprevalence studies, the infection fatality rate is lower than many influenza strains, and here tracks normal mortality. ICU units have never been consistently overwhelmed, and their capacities have been paradoxically reduced during the alleged pandemic.

Epidemiological specialists indicate that testing not only critically ill hospitalized patients who may need a specific anti-inflammatory therapy or earlier in the illness, a special anti-viral therapy, but also to test symptom free people, for one single respiratory virus, rather than doing a differential diagnosis of respiratory infections is just plain wrong. Yet it is virtually standard practice today.

The Corman-Drosten PCR test, as experts galore have pointed out, including an unanswered multi-pronged challenge to the allegedly “peer reviewing” journal, cannot diagnose C-19 or death from it. There is both the propensity for false positives due to cross-reaction with other beta coronaviruses (including showing 7.6%+ positive rates even between flu seasons where the actual number is virtually zero), then the test is performed differently in different jurisdictions, cycle thresholds above 28 much less 35 or higher where false positives dominate are routinely undertaken and there is still today no global standard! How is that possible given what the stakes are? This is why the UK can have 90,000 daily “cases” (positive tests) say and 100 “ascribed” deaths.

There are no epidemiologically relevant demonstrated instances of asymptomatic transmission of respiratory viruses. Drosten’s January submission to the New England Journal turned out to be very symptomatic, the patient had suppressed her symptoms via medication. A 10-million-person study in Wuhan itself failed to turn up one instance. “Asymptomatic” are essentially healthy, unless their immune systems are currently processing and neutralizing a viral intruder.

We have effective prophylaxis, from healthy lifestyle (hence ample outdoor exercise not being “locked in”), immunity boosting social contacts, vitamin D3, anti-inflammatory drugs, anti-virals, topical budesonide, HCQ, Ivermectin and anti-coagulants.

Unlike influenza, as Dr. Binder points out, SARS-CoV-2 does not mutate erratically, but slowly and permanently. Even an effective “vaccine” would likely lag behind new variants. It is not becoming more dangerous. When we stop intervening ineffectually and manically, the variant that spreads most easily, prevails. And that is one that leaves hosts alive to spread it, so it becomes less dangerous enroute to becoming endemic.

It is not perennial, but seasonal, and we can “rush” to lockdown before the next seasonal cycle, but then we have to cringe awaiting its virtually inevitable seasonal return. We have not heroically tamed a killer virus. We have shut down the planet, interrupting needed childhood vaccinations, missing cancer screenings and not attending to heart conditions, and considering all other forms of death, including suicide, “acceptable” by some moral calculus that has never been debated and no one could possibly explain. “The end of the flu season” does not require planetary paroxysms.

Basic and cross-immunity will only continue to grow, if we are in circulation, like the virus. We cannot end this “non-demic” through “vaccinating” the entire world population, particularly not the immune or recovered. Experimental treatments with multiple adverse effects (over 2 million reported in the WHO database, alone) are unnecessary for an infection fatality rate lower than 0.15% for less than 70-year-olds, below 0.05% for children, below seasonal influenza for children certainly. Even as per their own clinical data, the mRNA injections reduced the risk of mild C-19 by less than 1%, no data for severe courses, or for disease transmission or for those over 75 years of age and symptomatically sick.

Adverse effects globally chronicled are higher than all other “vaccines” tracked for the last three decades combined (possibly further back depending on how reliable record keeping has been), and natural immunity in study after study is robust, long lived and reliable. The “ vaccine efficacy” again, by their own confession, wanes in about 3 months and plummets further, requiring constant “boosters” with who knows what long-term effects. How many times have you been asked to be vaccinated against measles, mumps and rubella? If you had them naturally, the answer is almost certainly “never.”

The Last Covidian Xmas?

We can pray, this is the last time we need discuss this. Specialists say that epidemiology 101 teaches that in the event of a national epidemic of national scope, a study cohort representative of the population must be formed immediately. This is to monitor prevalence, incidence and severity of the disease and the status of immunity via antibodies and T-cell immunity. Had we done this, this charade would have been done by April 2020, virtually everybody was already immune (those floating ships again), and there was no evidence for nonsensical interventions requiring constant rationalizing and rigged data. No epidemic laws needed (and where the devil did a democratic society outside a short-term existential crisis get any authorization to enact these?) or digital certificates being dangled by the “jabbatoir” guild.

Massaging death certificates so we can claw for any credibility whatsoever, expecting some mortality Deity to suspend other sources of death so “COVID” can have center stage, or rolling the PCR dice over and over so we can just slap on the COVID sticker, it’s time to stop the fundamental testing/accounting fraud, and let people rally their immune systems, and use “vaccines” only for the most vulnerable and let those openly compete therapeutically with far safer interventions and early treatments.

For perspective, as reported out of the UK, since “Omicron” was first detected 27th November, 7 deaths “with” it have been documented as of December 22nd. Average age, 83. Over that same period, 239 deaths by “suicide”. Average ages between 25 and 44.

Given that, where do you think the conversation should really have gone and where should our attention have primarily flowed?

The mental crisis is still acute, Omicron by increasingly overtaking Delta has spiked “cases” (positive tests) to dizzying heights and kept hospitalizations and deaths increasingly tame. The Danes, not famed for hyperbole or undue optimism, have declared that with the current trajectory, they expect the pandemic to be “over” in two months. And since Omicron goes zealously for the “vaccinated” and “boosted” perhaps this insidious, invidious pandemic stupidity can be done with ahead of that. If it is, and we stop manically testing, we will be back to “normal” as soon as we can summon the paradigmatic clarity and gumption for doing so.

So, time to pick up the cudgel of intelligent activism. To rally our faculties. To marshal our spittle, our outrage, but also our insight and our angst defusing humor.

We must see how far we have come, and how far we have fallen. Our wings got singed, but we can find better uses for the fire: it can be purifying, it must once again become Promethean.

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