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The "Elixir" Of Follow Up and Follow Through

I was told by someone today who I had agreed to check in with, after they transitioned from their last job, that people had told her she could count on hearing from me close to the very day she was transitioning, suggesting I was rather "meticulous" in follow ups. I can thank many tough but inspiring mentors who role-modelled that for me.

I was told by a client who I promised I would send some input to, "Yes, I know it'll land. I'm glad you're not one of those who make excuses for not sending things through as agreed."

It leaves me pondering, why people remark on follow up, or timely check-ins, as if it was some high art, some sorcerer's special potion.

I always advise people, that if you want to build quick credibility with someone, volunteer specificity when they ask for a general follow up. "Could you send that to me sometime?" can be met with, "How about by early tomorrow afternoon?" Or "Give me a call next week," can be welcomed with, "How about Monday morning, is 9am good?"

Volunteer and meet or beat the timeline for the offer of reply, assistance or otherwise. And let yourself, at least, become a source of confidence rather than anxiety, personally and professionally.

When my co-author, pal and colleague Alan Weiss, tells coachees and clients, "I'll reply within 90 minutes during business hours," that puts everyone at peace. And he has closed many lucrative deals on the basis of delivering on this expectation so resoundingly...from the beach as readily as the boardroom.

This reliability and clarity is a critical part of your personal brand.

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