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The Disquiet About Disinformation

Battle lines are shifting. The “powers that be” must be thanking merciful heaven for whatever toxic brew of gullibility we have been imbibing as a popular culture. This, as virtually all their claims have been revealed to be at least “misinformation” (inaccurate) or “disinformation” (inaccuracy with the aim of deceiving).

And we can open the sluice gates from the meaning of “novel” coronavirus (it was a new strain, not a new illness like TB when it went ravaging through the Americas escorted by Columbus and crew), the camouflaging of the highly age stratified nature of the risk (only a real risk above 65 with multiple comorbidities), to outside this vulnerable demographic nary a mainstream whisper of the 99%+ recovery rate or an infection fatality rate (IFR) hovering we are told now between 0.1% to 0.5% from global data. And there’s more, much more.

We tossed out decades of pandemic planning, the best scientific advice amassed worldwide, agreed upon by WHO, CDC, the UK, Europe, Australia, key universities like Johns Hopkins, on no new evidence or trials, but simply a panicked whim… based on “mis” or “dis” information courtesy of the not so “sage” SAGE government modelers from the UK. We said no masks, to yes masks, to now they don’t help, and we need respirators (which don’t really work either, unless face fitted, and cannot be worn for long periods), and this for an “airborne” virus.

We lied about lockdown impact; we introduced a false-positive riddled “test” which is “non-diagnostic” according to its own paperwork (so we are “testing” from what can often be a “non-test”). We invented a complete myth of asymptomatic transmission, which has no basis in demonstrated data. We said COVID is “untreatable” though it is “highly treatable” as has been clearly demonstrated worldwide and by protocols like those from doctors Tyson and Fareed in the US (close to 10,000 patients without mortality).

The litany of lies continues. We said the “vaccines” would stop transmission, though even in their trials they never claimed to. They are “therapeutics” that suppress symptoms and make serious illness less likely, over a roughly 6-month efficacy window, and even that for the earlier variants for which they were intended. With current variants they are backfiring disastrously and moving to negative efficacy.

We lied about “natural immunity” which studies continue to corroborate and underwrite, and which is how we survived on this planet over billions of years. We rewrote definitions of “cases” to require no symptoms so we could have phantom “pandemic” paranoia with flashing numbers “implying” a gravity of threat that didn’t exist.

We redefined “cause of death” on death certificates to mean someone dying from virtually anything (often not remotely a respiratory illness) who “tested” positive. We redefined “vaccine” to mean something “therapeutic” without being willing to compare it against other safe, efficacious, far cheaper therapeutics that have been in circulation for decades. We have lied or at least smothered information about the evident surge of all-cause mortality, the “coincidence” of such deaths since “vaccine” roll-out, the causality clearly implied on government adverse event databases and what coroners and embalmers are now telling us.

Virtually everything in fact has been a lie. And as this rotting edifice collapses, the only “out” is to pivot, and segue to saying the “sources” of the narrative are unimpeachable governments, and to doubt them is to doubt science, and life and everything that makes life worth living. So, to “question” (as if there really is anything to “question” as the abject falsehoods are literally shrieking at us), is to undermine, to sow disorder, to make people “unsafe” somehow…because governments (please watch the gag reflex) bestow reliability, probity and anything that passes muster by their Machiavellian sensibilities is somehow sanctified.

A Tyranny of the Mediocre…or the Oblivious

James Bembridge in a fine piece in Country Squire Magazine rightly excoriates Nadine Dorries’ hopes that the UK will become

“the safest place in the world to go online”

…safe for her it seems, for you will therefore never hear anything, if she has her way, that could discomfit the gibberish being peddled to keep nonsensical “emergency” powers in play (all this time later, very little is “emerging” that isn’t a rerun).

Note, she wishes to criminalize publicizing such ideas or conclusions or research, making it a “crime” to disagree with her and the coterie of terrified peddlers of this claptrap. Given criminality implies intent, one might have considered that a high bar to hurdle. Not for Nadine Dorries and her flock, for whom the suggestion seems to be that there is something seditious about “thinking” at all.

Not to be outdone the US Homeland Security proclamation is on hand, that threatens you with being classified as a domestic terrorist for daring to undermine faith in the US government, which has already sacrificed much of that faith by having our children, on no evidence at all, despite adverse effects galore, treated as profit producing, potentially disposable experimental lab specimens.

And when anyone points this out, or that embalmers in the US (as reported by “domestic terrorist” candidate Steve Kirsch) are saying they are seeing over 50% of those coming through their practices having “clots” they’ve never seen before and which are not found in the “unvaccinated”, rather than rush to take tissue samples to see if there’s anything at all to this potentially cataclysmic claim, let’s “brand” anyone saying so as a terrorist and thereby show that George Orwell was being far too modest in his fears.

Given that so much of our progress is the progress of paradigms – which are only eventually outgrown, as a new generation not in thrall to them embraces what is presented to them factually, and with the passage of time, and the accretion of evidence, and usually after much emotional resistance -- then outlawing “hypothesizing” or “construing” (both of which could always harbor “misinformation”), ensures we will be enslaved to the outmoded, and cannot be a free society.

James puts it grippingly:

“Protecting the public from fictional ills is for the government’s own gratification. This sadistic paternalism is cheered on by the credulous and the mediocre; people who are happy to be relieved from the burden of thinking for themselves and to be granted the authority to persecute those who do.”

Mr. Bembridge relates the confounding inaccuracy of TV Doctor Sarah Kayat who breathlessly assured us all that Astra Zeneca provided

“100% protection against hospitalization and death.”

100%? That was a lie a year ago on obvious stats, it is outright ludicrous today, but no recanting, no injury to her “standing” which must have the same connection to statistical accuracy as regional weather forecasters by now. But her “mis” or “dis” information has had no consequences. So, anything that pads Pharma pockets and enshrines the government narrative is wonderful. Any “fact” that contradicts, is a diabolical ploy to mislead and distort. And so, the drivel continues.

“It’s for our own good,”

after all.

Omicron Blues

There was the “horrifying” suggestion that Omicron could render COVID endemic and thereby end the siege of democracies by big Pharma and the acolyte class of politicians, civil servants, doctors on payroll, so called “journalists” and many others.

South Africa and Botswana had already ratified the highly infectious, extremely mild, attributes of “Omi”. Danes mining their own data and scientists elsewhere, concurred (Russia chimed in here too). South Africa showcased swelling cases, and plummeting hospitalizations without undue deaths. France hit an unprecedented 500,000 “cases” (positive tests) a day, without mercifully anything akin to that in mortality (as I write, about 100,000 “cases” daily and 200 “ascribed” daily deaths there). After months of circulation in Africa, on December 12th, WHO could not report a single Omicron caused death anywhere. In a non-politicized world, this should have told the tale.

Omicron displaced Delta and displayed a 70% lower risk of severe disease (clearly demonstrated by a study of South Africa’s National Institute for Communicable Diseases). Hence, untutored in the pyrotechnics of recent Western governance, South Africans wondered how and why their data was dismissed and why all the ensuing hue and cry.

Of course, to the chagrin of first world “scientists” Asia has been largely unscathed by this “pandemic”, with no sustained excess mortality, and it was doing even better pre vaccination! Africa, far less “vaccinated” has skated past the carnival, hence the “push” to get the continent “vaccinated.” When your theology is profit, and you have an entire continent broadcasting your blatant disinformation…the only solution is to “jab away” the evidence.

I repeat, why are we consulting the playbooks of the jurisdictions with the most disastrous results in the world? The First World countries have had the very worst of COVID outcomes. By contrast, Haiti, which rejected importing “vaccines”, had no masking or social distancing, has the best results by far in the Caribbean. And while Sweden and Florida are certainly striking examples of how open societies did as well or better than the “non-science” fetishists, they are individual outliers.

When a continent, Asia, has close to 60% of the world’s population and about 20% of the world’s ascribed C-19 deaths, that’s fascinating. When Africa, with around 8-9% “vaccination” has around 3-4% of the ascribed fatalities (even allowing for less than fastidious record keeping), you know the storyline is leaking and the primary narrative reeks.

Let us recall, the so-called “vaccines” were designed for early variants, so we have been mindlessly and compulsively “jabbing” irrelevant therapeutics, with a shorter and shorter window of any efficacy. Delta was already abundantly stymying these “vaccines” and certainly transmission was not being inhibited.

More “mis”/”dis” information was that if you got jabbed with an experimental therapy whose safety trials are still not concluded to “save” yourself from a pathogen for which virtually everyone had a 95-99% recovery rate, and for which there are abundant other treatments (many of which have been banned, smeared, or had fraudulent hit pieces commissioned which fell apart – the Lancet HCQ hit piece being a primary example, apoplectic meltdown when Joe Rogan credited Ivermectin with being a chief contributor to his recovery, even aspersions cast on aspirin when it is clear it is vastly helpful as an anti-coagulant for those in later phases of the illness), we will give you your lives back. And suddenly you find you’re not even considered “vaccinated” anymore as you need still more pointless, dated “boosters” despite the Israelis showing they don’t work, except as an antidote to sanity.

Small businesses, already torn asunder after “lockdowns” (we locked down the healthy, why?), in Canada reported that 68% of them lost significant business from “passports” (October survey by the Canadian Federation of Independent Business). A clearly factually illiterate US Supreme Court (one Justice seemed to double the population of the United States in making their comments), at least reversed the mandates requiring businesses to have only “vaccinated” employees (at least outside healthcare).

When these “vaccines” do not stop reinfection or spread, what possible business is it of anyone’s what your “vax status” is? Simple questions like this go unasked and unanswered, and the quality and livelihood of millions of lives, and billions in revenue are sacrificed, by our swaying to this hypnotic incantation in lieu of any fact-anchored public health guidance.

At least the fully “vaccinated” who now are leading in hospital admissions in COVID in so much of the world (Israel, across Europe, UK) who had been spurred to demonize their “unvaccinated” fellows, now are being soothed in their confusion by mainstream media about there being “no shame” in getting COVID. Indeed not. But for the virtue signaling derangement, can anyone imagine such a reassurance being required for catching a cold?

More Disinformation

Eminent virologists have warned us that you don’t mass vaccinate in the middle of a pandemic (it has never been tried before), because you just “stress” the virus to mutate, clearly in ways that evade the “vaccine.” And you cannot eradicate COVID (as the crestfallen Kiwis are having to experience), due to the existence of natural animal reservoirs.

The “vaccines” offer no sterilizing immunity (by the confession of the Pfizer CEO, Bill Gates, their own paperwork, and overwhelming global data), therefore no “herd immunity” is possible through them. And India’s unremarkable mortality numbers during Delta and Omicron, show what natural immunity is like (Indian seroprevalence studies by their government found antibodies in close to 70% of those above 6 and below 70).

Unless the crazed jabbing mania undermines any of the natural immunity conferred, India will continue largely unfazed on the mortality front. And again, the early treatment protocols of Uttar Pradesh which have it leading the pack in outcomes in India, should, in a sane universe, merit study. And these are widely dispensed for self-treatment!

It is also intriguing that no cries of “disinformation” were heard re the Ottawa trucker revolt in terms of public health outcomes – though it has otherwise provoked such meltdown of democratic norms in Canada. Some three weeks later, maskless, congregating, in close proximity, teeming crowds, why was the big headline not: no outdoor transmission, no spikes, these are “unvaccinated” people, and they are all fine and physically flourishing? As of February 18th, Ottawa Hospital reported 12 in hospital with an active infection and 1in ICU with an active infection (source Ottawa Public Health under “Covid”).

If you are not over-run and riddled with terror at these results, you’re surely not trying hard enough!

Time to Summon our Wits

We have been badgered, bullied, and misled to the outskirts of credulity and beyond. From 9/11 came insane strictures about taking shoes off and banning water bottles on flights, that 20 years later, are still mindlessly followed. We got the Patriot Act, an invasion of Afghanistan that has given the Taliban a major military, and an invasion of Iraq that killed masses pointlessly and rent civil society further asunder in the region. We also had the grotesquerie of rendition, and surveillance became legitimized.

It’s not events, it’s the quality and character of response.

We had the financial collapse of 2009, and what we learned is that those culpable are not accountable for some reason, and tax payers have to bail them out. Reforms don’t take place, and we keep manipulating interest rates until we can’t, and then this “pandemic” may well have been partially stimulated by the financial meltdown that came home to roost in 2019, requiring a mass reduction in credit being demanded, and we had to “freeze” the planet on some pretext. Rehearsals for the pandemic and global shutdown had openly and blatantly already taken place and their results are published for anyone to read who wishes to (simply Google Event 201, Johns Hopkins, and have at it).

How thin the veneer of civilization is. We saw this with water cannons on peaceful protestors in the Netherlands, attack dogs in Paris, cities being looted in the US allegedly in “protest,” pastors being locked away for daring to open a house of worship, penal camps in Australia, it has not been a pretty sight. Surely, looking back, in this instance, it will be said of too many,

“This was their sickest, most pathetic hour.”

But valor has also been stirred, by people who insist on telling the truth, on locating and sharing the data, front line heroes treating patients, despite losing their standing, their jobs, income, some being jailed, others legally attacked. And if the seductions of consumerism don’t distract us unduly once the malls are fully open, we know it is not COVID, but this ugly, disinforming “playbook” and the alleged “right” to assert it to strip our liberties that requires our challenge, our fortitude, our follow through, and our sustained civil disobedience.

Left Is Right and More Info Mangling

Disinformation is so rife from the censors, their alleged “sensitivity” to it must curdle in their mouths. The US CDC, par for this wayward course, just lowered the standard for speech in early childhood development. So, as it was evident that masking and social isolation were stunting the development of small children, you redefine what is “normal” down so you can say “these measures have no impact.” Truth too it seems is subject to rendition.

On the other hand, Bill Gates himself, speaking at the Munich Security Conference 2022, is on camera saying and I quote,

“Sadly the virus itself – particularly the variant called Omicron – is a type of vaccine, creates both B and T cell immunity, and it’s done a better job of getting out to the world population than we have with vaccines.”

Fortunately so for the planet.

He goes on to say that the risk of serious disease or death, confirming these are largely with the elderly and those with conditions like diabetes or are obese, have fallen dramatically. He cites Africa (remember, the need to desperately explain it away) with sero surveys showing 70% immunity based on exposure or, he adds, “vaccination” which there as we’ve cited is nominal. Hey, it leaks out eventually.

The Guardian newspaper, after about 2 years of assenting to the mad spewing of mis and dis information, has let loose with a torrent of accountability laced analysis, saying “vaccine hesitancy” is well founded due to the bungling handling, smearing and suppression, and “vaccines” being linked to passports, lockdowns, masking and other incredibly useless and destructive antics and propositions.

Musa al-Gharbi, writing on February 15th, lacerates the orthodoxy, touching also on legislators and government officials investing heavily in the stock of vaccine manufacturers and reaping windfalls from these investments and having pharma in turn reciprocally pouring millions into their campaign coffers and lavishly lobbying besides. Musa also writes,

“With respect to all these matters – possible adverse side effects, the origins of the virus, pandemic modelling, the efficacy of vaccines, masking, lockdowns, travel restrictions – experts and policymakers have been relying on data that was extremely provisional.”

And later,

“Compelling reasons not to trust elites or conform to their guidance are almost innumerable (I barely scratched the surface in the examples above).”

Something dire has happened, and the “revolutionaries” have been co-opted, truly the “bohemian” class has lapsed into sterile “bourgeois” habits and affectations, become “boboized” as David Brooks put it so presciently years back. In 1968 in the Sorbonne, left wing students demanded the end of the micromanagement of their personal behavior. And in Nevada this year, large groups of students and faculty walked out because the utterly spurious mask mandate was repealed at UNR campus! A protest against freedom even if that freedom was perfectly consistent with published science. And so this generation, which should be rattling the cages of our complacency, have been coddled into the same cult of Safetyism that has corroded our culture.

When terrified leftists want all these “damned” truckers to let go of their physical autonomy and get completely useless boosters and go back to delivering to them the “necessities” from Amazon, you know right and left are today meaningless. Let’s be clear and call out real disinformation and misinformation and refuse to be cowed.

We have to keep shining light on these lies, we need the disinfectant of facts. And we have to step out and step up. From ocean to shining ocean, people are showing their disgust at the fatuous vacuities being peddled. They are coming together passionately, with energy, and often great grace. D.H. Lawrence once wrote,

“We are transmitters of life. When we cease to transmit life, life ceases to flow through us.”

We have to keep recommitting to what we are proud to transmit and restore much needed flow.

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