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Season's Tip: Grow Beyond the Ego

The author of Good to Great, Jim Collins, says that "not great" or "fallen from greatness" companies, in two thirds of the case, had "the presence of a gargantuan ego that contributed to the demise or continued mediocrity of the company." 

Said another way, vanity and ego blinkers keep us from seeing and accepting "what is" and certainly from envisioning, grounded in those realities, what "might be". 

Ego fascination leads to defensiveness. We "explain away" what we should be transforming and get emotional when we should be rational, or get passive-aggressively "rational" when we should be connecting with empathic insight.

How to grow beyond the ego? Meditation practices work. Wisdom literature helps. Taking a long walk, a jog, and seeing the world beyond  your ego ecology helps.  Or you could join our sessions and learn about "Releasing." 

Essentially stop identifying with the emotions stirred. They are not a showcase of reality, just a mirror of our inner turmoil. When we "witness" rather than "identify" and smile past the trivia, life flows much better, energy flow is unblocked.

So, stop taking everything so personally. acknowledge the grace notes in your life, be grateful for every blessing you'd loathe to lose, and if awash in joy, or mired in despair, either way say "yes" to beauty and possibility and take a next step in their direction.

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