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Really/Must We?

Updated: Jan 10, 2020

Often you just can't get a straight answer.

Delivery times are imprecise. 

Items being regularly "out of stock" (anyone ever forecast demand?), being back "in stock" only at some unknown time.

"Approvals" for advertised products or services, when you meet all the criteria, have a mysteriously hazy imprecision as to timetable.

No one seems sure how long even routine interactions may take in professional appointments. Doctors are wizards at this.

Restaurants take an achingly long time despite having only three tables occupied, in part because they advertise too many dishes, some of which are never made (until that evening!).

Performance reviews are slavishly done (sometimes just for ISO compliance), without any "performance development" actually occurring. 

People always seem to need 2-3 days more to take decisions, whose complexion won't alter, and which don't rise to the level of "life crises" requiring such an extended deliberation process. But this way, life can be nicely stalemated.

The founder of Maersk, Mr. Moller, suggested, with great wisdom, that no harm should befall the company, no serious error should take place which could be averted with "Constant Care."

Could 2020 be a year of "Constant Care," through all of us, of greater specificity, precision, initiative, suitable speed, clarity and effectiveness over efficiency?

Yes please!

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