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Reading the Tea Leaves

Sometimes you can predict a company or culture is in trouble. A major company, rent asunder (literally!) by relationship melt-downs and deep seated mistrust, wanted a process whereby to rebuild said trust and pilot a way forward.

Three redrafts of a straightforward proposal were sought, tinkering with verbiage, to make it sound more "positive," or to have it be less zealous and more prosaic...oh and for the unpacking of a self-evident acronym.

Yeats wrote the immortal lines: "Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold; mere anarchy is loosed upon the world," and all this time later, we can but agree that we needn't read "tea leaves" just reflexes and behavior. 

When there's real work to be done, let's stop fiddling with semicolons and grappling with superficial wordsmithing, and take a decisive stand for the change needed. 

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