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Overdue for Sanity: COVID Confessions

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

Well, it has been a fascinating ten days or so for “confessions.” US CDC Director Walensky announced

“The overwhelming number of deaths, over 75%, occurred in people who had at least four comorbidities.”

When asked out of the 800k ascribed COVID US deaths, how many actually died “from” COVID as a primary cause of death, she said, staggeringly, “we are gathering data,” or words to that effect. She had no answer ready to hand. If this vague piffle doesn’t terrify you, your thresholds of immunity to factual distortion from policy makers is very high.

“Vaccine” failure is so glaring, it is shocking that there are still people “clinging” to the myth of their efficacy. We have had over 9.5 billion doses, and we have millions of adverse effects, thousands of global deaths, unforeseen transmission, and a literal explosion of “cases” (positive tests). A simple comparison sends you scurrying for the Gin bottle. According to “Our World in Data” we had 240 million infections in 2021, and roughly 70 million in 2020! Many jurisdictions had lower deaths in 2020 as well.

Then, they lurched towards boosters. Israel kept showcasing the farce, one, two, three, maybe four… Bizarrely, in countries like Sri Lanka, every few weeks there is a Health Ministry announcement threatening the need to show vaccination papers in public, now maybe with a “booster”, though currently just over 20% have been pointlessly “jabbed” with a booster of the same outdated “vaccine” that can provide a brief palliative but is failing resoundingly with variants that have bypassed them. And the Supreme Court there has to date at least reinforced the stance that no “compulsion” can or should be present. If so, demanding paperwork to access public areas or services, flies in the face of that.

Pfizer’s CEO himself had to step in and say

“Two COVID vaccine doses aren’t enough for Omicron.”

He confessed their ability to prevent hospitalization has declined as well. Two doses are only 10% effective. Of course, real scientists are pointing out that you can’t keep shooting people with boosters every six months. They are obviously unsure of impact to immune system, what flooding the body with so much spike protein will do – hardly the “salvation” that was promised when everyone was being initially coerced into having experimental gene therapies injected into them.

Now, even the WHO has waved a white flag. They first spent a few days sputtering that COVID was not becoming endemic, though UK experts have finally started conceding what the data has been testifying to for far too long. Then, WHO’s statement on January 11th,

“…a vaccination strategy based on repeated booster doses of the original vaccine composition is unlikely to be appropriate or sustainable.”

So, that’s that. Some unlucky Israelis may get assaulted with yet more of the original “vaccine,” which everyone can see doesn’t work against Omicron, and a third dose at best may provide a few weeks of marginally improved protection from a resolutely mild variant. Nor can new “vaccines” be cooked up in time to match new variants. One could argue future shots will be like current influenza vaccinations, annually handed out ahead of the winter season. But you can hardly “mandate” or inflict “passports” on this basis.

But WHO is unhappy with this too! They said future C-19 vaccines must

“be more effective in protection against infection thus lowering community transmission.”

That is a devastating, if oblique critique of the current failure of the C-19 “vaccines” to deliver as touted (though anyone reading the EUA for them, could hardly have been surprised, as the manufacturers never even ran trials to assess that aspect).

That standard is not applied to flu vaccines, so why is WHO inserting it here? The reason is the severe and unknown side effects, which likely at least need reduced transmission as “camouflage” to pass muster.

Booster wars are therefore done, except for the frothing “vax” junta, who want to keep jabbing away, fruitlessly, in anguished frustration at this cagey, if middling (in terms of stratified risk) pathogen.

A Perspective From Israel

The head of the Department of Microbiology and Immunology at Tel Aviv University, one of the leading Israeli immunologists, has issued a scathing rebuke to his Ministry of Health. This builds on his earlier August 2020 statement,

“History will judge the hysteria.”

This epistle, dated January 6th, 2022, is a tour de force, and it behooves us to look at the high notes. First, he indicates that when

“destructive concepts collapse one by one, there is nothing left but to tell the experts who led the management of the epidemic – we told you so.”

A respiratory virus cannot be defeated by “locking in” or by manically disinfecting your hands or wearing a pointless face nappy which cannot possibly detain molecules so minute, nor via rushed through therapeutics posing as “vaccines” (they aren’t sterilizing as has now been amply admitted).

Professor Ehud Qimron points out that clearly the infections have come in waves that have ebbed and flowed on their own. He says false propaganda had victory dances galore about “defeating the plague” which returned and had to be “defeated” again and again and again…until it made a mockery of our prancing.

Mass testing is clearly farcical, the EUA granted the PCR tests disqualifies its application for asymptomatic mass testing… of course that has been scrupulously ignored by regimes worldwide. Israel’s own contingency plans, explains Professor Qimron, explicitly state this in 2007, and have not been revised based on any new evidence.

Clearly natural recovery confers longer lasting immunity than our current “vaccines”, Israeli data clearly demonstrates non-recovered “vaccinated” people are more likely to be infected than recovered people. It has only grudgingly been admitted that “vaccinated” people are contagious.

Country after country “vaccinated” in a mad frenzy, rather than in any targeted away, ignoring the fact older adults with comorbidities are exponentially more at risk than younger people, though we knew this from Chinese data way back in 2020.

The Great Barrington Declaration, signed by more than 60,000 scientists and medical professionals has been shunned, smeared, willfully misinterpreted, and three of the most eminent specialists in the world called by Fauci & co, “fringe” epidemiologists. “Not on the payroll” is what “fringe” apparently means these days, as Oxford, Stanford and Harvard are not otherwise natural candidates for this designation.

The Professor castigates the Israeli response as being run by people without relevant training for pandemic management: physicists, veterinarians, security officers, media personnel and other professional oddities for dealing with this challenge.

Side effect reporting, in Israel as elsewhere, is inconstant, distorting, with doctors being intimidated into delinking side effects to the “vaccines” or facing outright persecution. Reports of changes in menstrual intensity and cycle times have been ignored. Data on passengers at Ben Gurion airport was deleted. And PR-laced articles with Pfizer executives on “vaccine” effectiveness and safety did the rounds. How was all this incentivized?

So, the fall from the heights of hubris is never pretty. Professor Qimron emphasizes that billions of shekels have gone for censoring data and clinical experience, for tests that don’t “test,” for self-destructive lockdowns and destroying life, liberty and trust. Children’s education and their future have been compromised. These children are terrified, muzzled, and are acting out, getting drunk, smoking, getting addicted, dropping out, engaging in conflicts, as school principals around the country have highlighted.

With no scientific basis, those who wished to safeguard their physical autonomy and not be hoodwinked by assertions posing for analysis, were called

“enemies of the public and spreaders of disease.”

And this draconian discrimination lacks any epidemiological justification. He cites a ruined economy, rampant unemployment, and non-COVID based excess deaths.

There is no medical emergency in Israel, not out of control deaths (the only metric that matters), nor, looked at soberly, has there been for the last two years. What is on display is a wanton lust for power, budgets and control, and Israel is hardly alone there.

The non-emergency must be defanged. The Professor hits the nail squarely in conclusion:

“The only emergency now is that you still set policies and hold huge budgets for propaganda and psychological engineering instead of directing them to strengthen the health care system.”

The useless waste of the PCR testing regime, re-invested in restoring social and economic health, or supporting ravaged businesses and lives, would be magnificent as a gesture and in impact. Instead, the pressure is to double down on insanity. And here we must all push back, lawfully, legally, but passionately.

Oh, the Inefficacy of It All!

Dr. David Wiseman has recently submitted to the tired, despondent, confused CDC advisory committee some facts, that must have further jolted them out (we pray) of their Covidian “flat earth” thinking.

The headline echoes our points above, namely

“To think we’re going to boost our way out of this – is preposterous.”

Dr. Wiseman is a PhD research Bioscientist, former Johnson & Johnson clinical head-researcher and journal peer reviewer. He has compiled a masterful list of slides analyzing data from Israel, the UK, Denmark and Canada for the Pfizer-BioNTech Covid “vaccine” comparing “vaccine” effectiveness (VE) of the primary series (dose 1 and 2) with the booster. Negative VE abounds!

He calls them “quasi vaccines” (Moderna included), only promoting an immune response. Moderna’s own filings classify them as a gene therapy product, and they meet the FDA definition of same. These would not be normally present in your body if not genetically modified he explains.

Bayer executive Stefan Oelrich, President of their Pharma division, correctly categorized these at the World Health Summit in Berlin last year as “examples of cell and gene therapy.” They are being called “vaccines” because if you asked people if they would take an experimental gene or cell therapy and keep injecting it into their body, the answer is unlikely to be positive. He postulated

“…we probably would have had a 95% refusal rate.”

The pernicious manipulation that slick wordsmithing affords!

Dr. Wiseman bemoans the lack of transparency in these “emergency reviews” with data not posted on the website and independent doctors and scientists who comprise the ACIP (Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices) seeming distraught and tired, having to review reams of data in short time periods. The meeting aims seemed confused too between whether the “vaccines” were to reduce infections or hospitalizations.

When decision making based on data was brought up by the ACIP, they were told not to meddle but only deal with the science. This suggests a staged ceremonial exchange, with “decisions” already a foregone conclusion.

In a nutshell, VE had waned significantly against Omicron (already struggling against Delta) based on UK data. The UK slide presented from UK data, mischievously or maliciously used an expanded scale for the second panel. Once you harmonize that, the VE of the booster shows the same downward trajectory to the primary series. Data from Denmark and Canada was not presented, perhaps because they show significant rates of “negative” VE. The Denmark data re Pfizer efficacy is shocking: minus 76.5% in just 3 months after the second dose relating to Omicron compared with 53.8% with Delta.

The FDA looked at VAERS data relating to myocarditis to authorize the utterly useless, unhinged jabbing of 12–15-year-olds (not at risk, and who weren’t passing on infection either). VAERS is notoriously under-reported. Israeli data showed 2-10 times greater myocarditis cases (source is Israeli Ministry of Health). There is a large jump in cases after the second dose, particularly for 16-17 age group. Severe cases among the “vaccinated” also were going up more quickly than the unvaccinated, certainly with Delta, and the Omicron data was lamentably incomplete in this “decision making” meeting.

Dr. Sarah Long complained that the data reviewed was looking at “infections” rather than the real aim, hospitalizations, and death. Her summary,

“I think this will allow us to play whack a mole for another month or two, but this is not sustainable.”

Much is being said about hospitals throughout the US being stressed and stretched to their limits. Amazing that this did not happen in South Africa, or Botswana, or even the UK, much less Sweden and Denmark. But this flood is not people with clots and respiratory ailments. According to doctors around the US, reported by Daniel Horowitz,

“…they are stressed from endless testing of a mild virus, which creates logistically consuming quarantines and strains due to all of the staff who must quarantine, not to mention all those fired for not getting the shot that doesn’t work.”

Dr. Jeanne Noble, associate professor of emergency medicine at UCSF, writing to SFGate,

“I have not intubated a single COVID patient during this Omicron surge. We have a total of 5 patients with COVID on ventilators across our 4 hospitals. An average of 1.25 intubated COVID patients per hospital is a good news story.”

Dr. Noble has indicated, and we hear this echoed in other jurisdictions, that close to 70% of the patients in hospital “for” COVID were really there for other reasons and get ensnared by the universal “testing” regime. Even those actually there for COVID, she indicates the vast majority are quickly discharged and require no medical care, but the severe staffing shortage exacerbates this and makes it appear they are overflowing.

Bizarrely as other countries report very mild Omicron related illness even for seniors (UK included), somehow in the US the narrative is “trying” to be that even children are getting seriously ill from this “scariant.” Children have always been hospitalized for winter pathogens in far greater numbers than for COVID, and this is playing out here, except they are incidentally “testing positive.” And despite respiratory distress, the lunatic policy of making them wear face muzzles for hours a day, continues.

Fox5 reports in San Diego,

“Pediatric hospitalizations are on the rise, but not from COVID.”

Dr. John Bradley, director of infectious diseases at Rady Children’s Hospital says,

“COVID isn’t the problem. It’s all the other viruses we’re seeing every year like RSV, and we’re beginning to see influenza, but there’s no kids admitted in the hospital for COVID-pneumonia, period.”

Researcher Phil Kerpen sums all this up elegantly and fairly definitively. While allegedly the number of COVID “patients” has grown by 74,000 since a month ago, the number of total US hospital admissions is down by nearly 8,000. Ergo, no surge!

Stupidity Rules

We may bemoan liberties taken making an appearance in public after testing positive by the world’s number one tennis player, and we may acknowledge the Australian government’s right to enforce “policies” they mandate. But we have here an Immigration Minister cancelling a visa, over-riding a court decision to allow Djokovic to stay and play, when he has had this “cold” they are hyperventilating over, has natural immunity, is supremely fit, mid-30’s, at no personal risk, and the very variant is flooding the populace already. So, the threat is where exactly?

Of course, if these same rules kept someone from seeing their dying father, for example, their outrage, at an “exemption” is emotionally understandable. However, the real issue is the original inhumanity, not Djokovic's expression of personal autonomy and the peevish bureaucratic insanity reacting to it. So, to rectify the madness, some “unfairness” will be inevitably perceived, as at some point, we stop perpetuating profoundly unfair, hapless idiocy.

In the UK, another Downing street party, euphemistically called a “work event” during “lockdown” has people up in arms. And we can understand this to some extent. The PM’s secretary was inviting staff “to bring your own booze” to the No.10 garden in order “to make the most of the lovely weather” in May 2020, but the country was shuttered tight. Perhaps a chance encounter with a friend on a park bench, or social exchanges at the local McDonald’s drive through?

Many couldn’t do this even. Dying relatives languished in care homes. Pregnant women faced labor without partners by their side. Funerals were less about grief or the poignance of loss, and more about revoltingly irrelevant “social distancing” (for an airborne pathogen). Playgrounds were banned, schools bereft, cramped housing without gardens stifled (when the outdoors was the safest place to be). It was inhumanity institutionalized globally.

Peter Hitchens expressed it with blistering clarity:

“How ridiculous to watch the nation in a frenzy about an office party, when it sat in dumb stupor through the greatest attack on freedom in centuries.”

The real outrage is people who clearly knew this was an exaggerated con, could mandate that people be denied contact with their dying relatives for example. But such hysteria as Mr. Hitchens writes “should have been howled down.” And today, we need to head out to our own gatherings, and insist that no more businesses will be wrecked, no more travesties heaped on childhood and education and no more lives assaulted by a pernicious, unscientific manipulation of data to produce this hyped “scamdemic.”

So, the seething anger towards the PM today is a strange off-ramp for a sniveling media that raised no alarms, expressed no outrage, but the witch hunt for lockdown “flouters” was all the rage then. Oh, those were the days. Dominic Cummings was testing his eyesight making a side journey to Barnard Castle, primary school re-opening (who cares what the Swedes were demonstrating re the safety of having open schools?) causing consternation and boiling over anger at “sunbathers” at beaches (no spikes, no clusters, nothing but bluster).

Humane, proportionate and evidence-based is what we should have demanded of any measures. From the political correspondents, a deafening silence. So, around the world we have seen leaders on private jets, unmasked and ebullient, as servers wore masks, and children in schools ate outside in freezing weather and were abjectly kept apart.

And this is the essence of the inhumanity. Boris’ crowd worked together, were safe outdoors. But they trusted themselves to be rational, careful, responsible, and said the rest of the world couldn’t be trusted to be, without police oversight.

You have to exult when in contrast, Japan, in more spiriting breaking news has annulled all “vaccine passports” and has put a myocarditis warning on the “vaccines” inviting people’s informed choice. That and not rear view mirror outrage is what we need to be affirming and rallying for.

All that said, it does feel somewhat that at least the more “self-respecting” alarmists recognize the jig is up. The deranged Omicron projections drawn up by the modelers have collapsed. The South African doctors we were to ignore because their data was “inconvenient”, while the UK was leading the European country chorus about “75,000 Omicron deaths,” were clearly vindicated.

And so, one-dimensional public health, cannot be the towering, exclusive consideration. We have societies to resuscitate, freedom to endow anew, and we need to delineate where our rights and the “panic privileges” of governments intersect. And we need to look up the word “emergency.”

And we need to come out of the fog of “mass formation” and restore social bonds, infuse our lives with greater engagement and purpose, learn to navigate our emotions and our anxieties, rediscover our inner lives, celebrate life’s bounty and refuse to have our lives encroached upon by the anxieties and delusions of global leaders following bizarre and frankly chilling agendas.

We may not know what these are, but the fostering of life, liberty and that ineffable pursuit of happiness for their citizens, is certainly not among them.

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