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More Cracks in the Edifice

Updated: Jan 30, 2022

Ah, the cookie crumbles. The majority of UK patients in England are not primarily being treated for our virus, almost two thirds of inpatient UK hospitalizations are related to other conditions (heart disease, broken leg, etc.).

Spotify mercifully has decided not to succumb to Neil Young’s attempt to be medical overseer of the planet. The suggestion from 'Sir Fumalot', the WHO Chieftain, is to beware lest Joe Rogan’s temerity in presenting credentialed experts not enslaved by the popular narrative actually enhance our ability to sieve real evidence presented by those immersed in such data.

And Substack for now is able to realize despite Washington Post hit pieces that those terrified of “expression” are the ones who are actually peddling lies -- and therefore cannot allow for any scrutiny. Such vehemence always betrays an inner disquiet.

Denmark ends pandemic restrictions, despite the faux “casedemic” as Omicron related hospital admissions and deaths stay resolutely stable. Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen says it on behalf of so many worldwide,

“Tonight we can…find the smile again.”

And the Netherlands, having let loose dogs and cannons and plastic and other bullets and being beset with record infections despite their 90% “vaccination” rate, eases restrictions anyway, bowing at last to the will of a saner people against the backdrop of falling deaths and intensive care admissions.

Despite a similar “case” swell, the UK removed COVID restrictions as of the 26th, banishing their “Plan B” strictures and nostrums facing the sheer “collapse” of the doomsday predictions. No more masks in closed places, no need to prove “vaccination” status to enter public places, and those “vaxxed” needn’t even be tested for travel. Though, as more “vaxxed” are getting infected, why that’s the case, other than politically correct pompom waving, is acutely uncertain.

The WHO top expert (Dr. Soumya) was unequivocal,

“There are currently no efficacy or safety data for children below the age of 12 years…individuals below 12 years of age should not be routinely vaccinated.”

Mind you, there is barely any safety data for anyone, so to say there is “none” for this age bracket, means we really are floundering to find “any” sane reference points.

Our pandemic response is escalating the crisis. In the US and UK, we are seeing “vaccinated” people more likely to be “infected” than “unvaccinated. Whinging every step of the way, this is graphically and emphatically true of Scotland as well.

Israeli results are skyrocketing. They hit the “pause” button weeks back on boosters for anyone below 60. But the insanity crusade is back, and above 40s are next. As Dr. Eli David reports:

“The only quadruple vaxxed country in the world (also using masks and COVID passports) just broke the global record for daily COVID “cases” (positive tests).

More Edifice Rot

Israeli Professor Cyrille Cohen confirms the global chorus, namely the vaccines do not stop transmission. So there can be no “society benefit” to “vaccination” unless we are asserting “symptom suppression” to stave off hospital overflow and health system collapse – something of which there has been zero sustained evidence throughout the so called “pandemic.”

There is also no solid, data-anchored proof of: social distancing (whether you stay 6 to 60 feet has no impact, this from an MIT Study in April 2021 that the CDC meticulously ignored), asymptomatic spread, spread outdoors, or a naturally recovered person getting re-infected with enough viral load to infect someone else. And front-line nurses and doctors have even been ignored as they point out we should treat on symptoms, these “tests” that don’t really test are not needed at all.

As late as January 16th, 2022, the CDC claimed the spike protein produced by the COVID “vaccines” is harmless. This, long after we fairly conclusively knew, including from a seminal study done by the Salk Institute (published in Circulation Research), that the spike protein is precisely what causes the COVID damage. There are a multitude of papers in peer reviewed medical literature that detail and document this.

Even in the chronically under-reported trove of the US government adverse effects website, VAERS, over 20,000 deaths related to the “vaccines” are reported. It is an unprecedented number, and as per VAERS, these are usually 1-10% of actual numbers. But even taken at face value, it is more deaths in one year than for all 70 vaccines combined over the past 30 years since VAERS was established!

Despite having an explicit mandate to do so, the CDC has not made even one investigation into the linked deaths, public. And somehow, despite their propensity for magnifying molehills into mountains, not one single mainstream media story about this? As best we know, not one autopsy has been done on any patient who died after “vaccination.” Surely that screams “scam.” How can Pfizer possibly assert the deaths weren’t caused by “vaccines” with no in-depth analysis? Why are the analyses sealed off?

Dr. Peter Schirmacher, a leading global pathologist, postulates at least 30-40% of the deaths after “vaccination” were due to the “vaccines”, but then he concedes, it equally could be 100%. Other German researchers have indicated numbers as high as 93% within 6 months of “vaccination.”

Death rates are damning in fact. “Vaccinated” English adults under 60 are dying at twice the rate of the unvaccinated. Age analysis confounds definitive conclusions, but certainly the absence of any benefit on mortality from “vaccination” is clear.

I have already reported on the CEO of Indiana Life Insurance reporting a 40% increase in deaths (not COVID related directly) between the ages of 18-64. This is a shocking increase, a normal once in a century spike would be 10% as per the CEO.

However, beyond Indiana, the dramatic mortality increase among those under 50 is sweeping all 50 US States. Commentator Steve Kirsch, who has funded independent research (using 12 independent methods, only one of which is the VAERS database) estimates over 150,000 Americans potentially having their lives cut short or desperately impacted, directly or indirectly. And the “serious events” range far beyond the reluctantly admitted to ravages of myocarditis. As per VAERS there are thousands of different types of adverse events elevated by the “vaccines”.

On the myocarditis front though, Steve Kirsch indomitably challenges the CDC claim of 1 in 13,000 myocarditis rates, suggesting it is instead as common as 1 in 100 for teenage boys (100 times higher than CDC numbers). Steve writes,

“My rate can be derived from the VAERS data and also confirmed at a school near where I live.”

Jessica Rose (PhD, MSC) with Dr. Peter McCullough published equally damning data that was quickly censored by the journal in which it appeared shortly after publication. It corroborates what Mr. Kirsch was saying, with over 559 VAERS myocarditis cases reported in 2021 in that age profile compared to 1 in 2020 and 2019 and 11 in 2018!

And it stockpiles from there. Pfizer’s own study shows 24% more people died in the “vaccine” group than the placebo group, though it was surreptitiously not present in the “abstract” of the paper, which heralded the lower (relative) “infection” rate of the “vaccinated.”

As per VAERS (accessible to all to verify, and so the sheer paralysis of policy makers to consult evident data is baffling to say the least), clearly shows on a risk-benefit basis, the “vaccines” cannot be justified for any age range! They kill more than they save in every age profile.

Then there are statistical “curiosities.” Thailand experienced a 33% drop in births in 2021 vs 2020. You would have expected the lockdown impact to gravitate in the opposite direction. The UK intriguingly stopped tracking this for unknown reasons circa August 2021… wonder why? The Philippines is now encountering this, with an Australian report citing

“a catastrophic drop in the number of babies born.”

We have unprecedented examples being reported “by chance” if you suspend credulity, of 13-year-old deaths from cardiac arrest, a 3-year-old dying from cardiac arrest one day after the jab, with VAERS showing cardiac arrest is elevated 93X normal after the “vaccines” were rolled out and myocarditis is 131X more likely after taking the “vaccine.”

There are numerous reported instances where the conjunction between “vaccination” and untimely death seems quite evident, but the US CDC claims it is still “studying” these cases. These studies never seem to conclude anything nor is the basis for their “continuity” ever shared so it can be objectively assessed by anyone else.

Sports figures have been keeling over, collapsing skaters, soccer players, triple vaccinated Swiss athlete Sarah Atcho developing pericarditis, Florian Dagoury, the world’s top static breath-hold free diver, diagnosed with myocarditis and pericarditis 40 days after the second Pfizer dose, and so many more.

Any such a confluence of “coincidences” would, in normal times, with any operating ethical standards, have led to wide-scale investigation and an immediate suspension of a medical roll-out until the “all clear” was flashed. Instead, we have a doubling down on manic jabbing, and in a crazed frenzy pushing to get every man, woman and child “vaccinated” for a 0.1% to 0.5% “infection fatality rate” coronavirus. The impetus is spurred by a narcotic… an insane profit motive, emboldened by totalitarian fetishes for who knows what slew of agendas.

What Efficacy?

Medical defenders keep intoning how any questions being asked “threaten lives.” That is not medicine, that is flat out dogma, in thrall to fascism. Mutely inject things into you, because well, once they asked questions of polio “vaccines” too. As well they should… of everything, including things that may be eventually vindicated. And there were, along with its blessings, horrific polio “vaccination” impacts too. We are entitled, we are obligated, on behalf of our children, and from sheer human conscience, to ask. Let no one intimidate you away from that sacred duty as a thinking human.

UK Government data now clearly shows C-19 “vaccines” double your chances of catching COVID. This is evident looking at data from UKHSA between week 50, 2021 and week 1, 2022. Denmark figures indicate re Omicron you would have to “vaccinate” people every 60 days and then “vaccine” efficacy goes negative. And indeed, Florida chimes in with data showing the highest rates of infection occurring in counties with the highest “vaccination” rates.

The results of the Denmark study were ratified by an Israeli trial which confirmed (reported on in The Times of Israel) that 4 doses is “not good enough” against Omicron. The medical officials were bullied by the Israel Health Ministry (as also reported) into nevertheless saying a “vaccination drive” should be continued, flying in the face of sanity.

But then it’s never been about actual “health.” So, five doses next? Basically, the Denmark study shows the more you “vaccinate” the easier it is to get infected. Infinite doses won’t matter, except to the coffers of the pharma companies. If “insanity” is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result, what shall we call it when each time it backfires, and we still keep doing it?

Mask Malarkey

After using the mantra of “randomized” trials to attempt to undermine established therapeutics with stunning safety profiles and overwhelmingly positive results, when it has come to cloth and surgical masks, since all such trials showed no benefit, they swiveled to co-funded studies that bolstered their ideology, and no mainstream medical commentator has ever called them out on it.

All randomized trails done re COVID show cloth and surgical masks to be completely useless (including Denmark and even Bangladesh re any statistically significant difference). The Danish study had to be re-glossed so the journal would even publish it. The Bangladeshi study first “purported” to show masks worked, then UC Berkeley Professor Ben Recht showed the conclusions from the data presented didn’t hold up. When this was pointed out to one of the authors, no reply.

CDC has now said cloth masks are essentially useless too. Sweden never mandated them, and in fact situationally prohibits their use, saying (correctly) that they gather and convey bacteria and pathogens. And Sweden has lower case rates and death rates than virtually anywhere in Europe, and even compared with its neighbors if you include 2019 in terms of all-cause mortality.

The N95 make no real difference either as per graphical evidence, not only are the C-19 molecules still too small, you exhale unfiltered air, and so it doesn’t prevent you (theoretically) sickening others. These masks are also very difficult to wear for any extended period.

And we can see this is pure pyrotechnics. How can it be that a Nobel Prize winning, WHO “essential medicine” with close to 32 positive randomized trials for COVID efficacy can be faulted as “inadequate” when zero randomized trials attest to any value from these oxygen leeching, human muzzling, cloth and surgical distractions?

If we then tidy this up, we can clearly say it makes no sense to mandate a “vaccine” that doesn’t stop infection and likely kills more than it saves. If masks worked, you wouldn’t need to mandate them, and those wearing them would be safe. If they don’t work as they don’t, they are just dehumanizing theatrics.

More Bunk

Airborne pathogens cannot be “locked in.” When this spreads globally with such speed, “locking in the healthy” when there is a 99.5% recovery rate below 70 without comorbidities is idiotic and absurd. You prevent those not at risk from acquiring natural immunity and becoming a wall of immunity and keeping the planet running for those at risk, who we can preferentially treat. There is a reason “lockdowns” have never been utilized for any pandemic since the Middle Ages, and even there, it was only used when the pathogen was clearly localized and had not become widespread. Never, ever, in history have we targeted the healthy before.

Early treatment protocols have abounded. Doctors Tyson and Fareed have treated over 7,000 COVID patients, and among those who came in for early treatment, zero deaths. Dr. Chetty in South Africa has treated close to 8,000, especially those critically ill or on the cusp of it with plunging oxygen saturation levels and has had zero hospitalizations and zero deaths. This should be game over with those numbers. Instead, these results have been smothered and suppressed and “don’t treat” has the been the new “hypocritic” oath supplanting the “Hippocratic.” The Tyson-Fareed protocol has been available since March 2020.

And it’s not just Ivermectin, Fluvoxamine reduces risk of death for the few at real risk by 12X. Every treatment protocol should include it, along with Vitamin D3 and Zinc. However, it is generic, and so the FDA prefers to “authorize” far more hazardous and less effective, but exponentially more profitable options.

Symphony of Sense

Professors Harvey Risch (Yale), Jay Bhattacharya (Stanford) and Paul E. Alexander (US C-19 Research Group), distilled impressions recently stating,

“the emergency must end now.”

There is no “emergency” so I believe they meant “emergency measures” must end now. Namely, the

“closures, the restrictions, the plexiglass, the stickers, the exhortations, the panic-mongering, the distancing announcements, the ubiquitous commercials, the forced masking, the vaccine mandates.”

Absurd to the nth degree when catalogued thus.

Omicron is spreading widely they concede and may for quite some time to come. But that is a medical matter, not a pretext for social engineering. According to the CDC even, over the past six weeks, the Delta variant has fizzled from 60% of infections in mid-December to 0.5% by mid-January! It is certainly on its way to extinction, like its predecessors.

Omicron is mild enough that even those at risk can cope with what is no more severe than seasonal flu. A good stock of Vitamin D should do it. For young people the “low risk” already present becomes resolutely “miniscule.” And lockdown alarmism as ever isn’t helping, only backfiring. Israel and Australia jabbing and boosting in some surreal dance of derangement have more daily per capita “cases” than any place on earth. The wave will pass through, the “emergency measures” will only persecute citizens in the meantime.

While Omicron can re-infect those previously infected, mild disease is what ensues. Future variants, say these experts, whether emanating from Omicron or not, are unlikely to evade the post Omicron natural immunity protective umbrella for some time. The rise of hospitalizations and deaths despite the emergency spasms is likely the last outbursts of Delta meeting the waning “vaccine” immunity at the 6 weeks to 8 weeks mark.

The milder Omicron cannot justify further economic, emotional, financial and social meltdown, ineffectual and inexcusable as these were with earlier variants. Some future “hypothetical recurrence” requires natural immunity, immunological robustness, and unrestricted access to eminently salvific treatments, not governments seeking to practice medicine without a license by mandating commercial products, terrified of transparency.

A Different Lens

One of my favorite “warriors” for patient’s rights, and medical sanity, and humane, evidence-based medicine is Dr. Jackie Stone of Zimbabwe. Her career has had her between Zimbabwe, South Africa, St. Bart’s, Dubai, Australia, and she has been a student of cultural paradigms, as perhaps you must be at some level, to treat the “person” and not the “symptoms.”

The “genetic vaccines” have not made it to her Zimbabwean theater of operations, a blessing. She indicates that not everyone with “vaccine cards” has actually been vaccinated. People used their eyes and their sanity, and seeing adverse effects, and “vaccination” related deaths, reflexively sought other avenues.

And the native wisdom came to the fore, “treat the symptoms.” This is what the wisest and most successful global practitioners have been doing and extolling too. Flu-like symptoms have many remedies. And triple or quadruple therapy treats all RNA viruses, so truly “everything gets better” as Jackie cites.

The community buzz has been the tests are unreliable. Positive one day, the next day at the same lab negative and suddenly you can move about and travel. As Jackie says with disarming clarity,

“It costs less to see a doctor and be treated than do a test. It costs even less to see your friendly pharmacist and treat yourself.”

And as the Zimbabwean and overall results from Africa show, our “pandemic” really rarely needed anything more, except for a very small, vulnerable demographic who deserved our concerted care.

Yes, we hear the population there is younger. But the elderly are not dying in “first world” numbers either. The elderly in these “impoverished” countries are healthier, are constructively active into their 80s, are respected and looked after by their families. Dr. Stone says,

“I treated a 96-year-old man who was better in 2 days.”

He had no access to or interest in social media. Indigenous people it seems haven’t traded their wits for PR mumbo jumbo. Malaria medicine works, they use it. A few people get a stroke after the “vaccine” they get scared and refuse it.

Treating early prevails, as for those getting Chifuya (flu) and taking Ivermectin, Zumbani (a herb rich in Zinc) and Doxycycline (costs less than USD $5), almost all survive. Communication is via “Bush Telegraph.” And why should we not study that rather than the grotesque meltdown of public health in the “leading” capitals of Europe and the US?

And So We Go

In 1937 Albert Camus wrote,

“In the evening, the gentleness of the world on the bay. There are days the world lies, days when it tells the truth. It is telling the truth this evening – with what sad and insistent beauty.”

Enough lies have been told. The beauty beckons, of life relieved of lies and “relived” via the truth.

In a different cadence, Dostoevsky says,

“One must love life before loving its meaning.”

When love of life is gone, no asserted meaning can possibly console us for it.

We can grapple with depression and futility. We can confront this pernicious anti-human “Covidian cult” posturing as “public health.”

We are invited to fight back and morally challenged to make that a loving fight, lest we add to the static. Tolstoy steps forth (thank you Ed Curtin for curating these insights), telling us we can only live if we are drunk on life. That is our lifeline.

We engage danger in order to grow, we welcome possibility beyond the status quo, we create in its midst. We rejoice in all that is worth preserving, and in that joy we find the will to welcome the beautiful, the humane, and continue to locate the ability to sift the essential from the incidental.

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