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Maybe Enjoy the Opening

Please do not read this as myopia, or seeking to belittle the lives impacted, industries destabilized, business sectors economically devastated, or people gripped with a Coronavirus "pandemic" fear.

But if, at least, for the next few days you have hearth and home together, are not afflicted, or recovering, or have some options, why not, just for a few days, try the following:

- Use the downtime to plan and initiate that long-postponed project at home.

- Revisit a really beloved old book, or even a movie... let Netflix have its moment in the sun.

- Cook dinner together, and really sit and catch up on each other's lives, and talk about each other’s fears and hopes. Let music be background, not deafening.

- Place a few calls to people you care about and haven't spoken to in a while and get their perspective on life through all this...and otherwise.

- Tune into your own inner muse, meditate, take a stroll in nature where it's not too congested.

- Revel in "slowing down" and counting blessings. It's a wonderful "vibe" to tap into and glorious "groove" to get into.

Surrender for a few days to the uncertainty, and realize, in all likelihood, "this too shall pass." But in that period, why not enjoy as much community and amity as you can?

The overwhelming vast percentage of the world is NOT infected, but we are all affected. Perhaps that can bring us together rather than drive us apart?

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