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Mandatory Bun

We wandered into a place for lunch today. They were replete with what we couldn't do or have. It was a burger joint, but my wife who is limiting carbs couldn't have her burger without a bun (though we would of course have been happy to pay the same), even though if they insist on providing the bun for her to remove, a lot of the juices and the cheese etc. end up ON the bun. No silverware, so she couldn't eat as she likes. No ketchup or mustard or mayonnaise, because you HAD to have their "special sauce" with the fries. Someone told them, that "being different" is an asset. Rubbish! It only matters if it's of positive value to the customer OR if you're after notoriety. There are certainly things you should not flex that are core. But knowing what those few key things frees you to customize the rest. Their Chef, defender of the compulsory bun, was perhaps reading from the wrong service hymnal?

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