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Make Your Commitment to Life Larger Than Crisis

So, a few points. In shock, people first send around motivational quotes, poems, perspectives. All are welcome. They are an initial rallying cry, whereby we don't just throw all morale out the window.

Secondly, the "new reality" (whether of weeks or months) settles in. And there is some grieving to do, some fear to navigate, some depression to delve into, a personal emotional or psychological shadow or two to face. Make room for all of it. What we suppress malingers. No evasive maneuvers, no cute psychological pep talk, no slogans. It's shit, it's holy hell, for a bit and it's not all of life, nor all of possibility, and we're still here today, with hopefully things that matter, and at least a few people we love. So, give it space to express and be absorbed by acceptance and possibility which always wells up from our core when we allow the time and space.

Third, saturate yourself with things you've been postponing. Stream the movie you've been wanting to see, read the book (ideally a fascinating new one and a beloved companion you enjoy revisiting), work on that online course, have conversations of greater depth and meaning. Get that exercise regimen going. Enjoy stillness.

Get out of pontificating what's "right" and what's "wrong" and judging the whole world. Immerse in gratitude. Celebrate everything still here. Still got some health? A few people you value? Talents you can harvest? A business that will have relevance going forward? People you might be able to support or help in person (carefully) or virtually? Can we make our commitment larger than the crisis?

The last century saw the so-called Spanish influenza which took 50 million lives when we had a population of 1.5 billion, two World Wars with untold suffering, a Great Depression, just to name a few "highlights." It also saw great progress in life expectancy, vaccine and medical development, greater consciousness of the rights of women, a walk on the moon, extraordinary literature, architecture, music and enterprise.

So, we decide to embrace what is, because we must. We decide to move forward and decide what aspects of the past get to join us. Perhaps we will learn to be less tribal, more kind, less distracted, paying more attention to life and its extraordinary if fragile beauty.

Grievingly, lovingly, carefully, courageously, with both acceptance and gratitude, we live forward.

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