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Let's Get a Grip

"Ye gads!" as a Victorian character might emote, full of outrage and annoyance.

We are awash in sameness, in repetitiveness, in incremental tinkering with preposterous brand self-congratulation -- often unconnected with the lived experience of our customers.

We believe we are an "advanced" society, but most of the advances that created the revolutions we today savor, came from long ago.

Imagine now no internet or social media. Jolting for sure!

But now imagine no car, automobile, plumbing, antibiotics, electricity, and tell me which you'd rather swap?

Since we don't have to choose, could we pry ourselves loose from the self-absorption of our technology, long enough, to listen to our inner muse, to challenge ourselves, and invite ourselves to exceed our own expectations collectively?

Could we give ourselves the space to "see," "hear," "feel" and fully "intuit?"

Could we use the space created by our technologies and productivity enhancement, to fill that liberated space with the best of our imagination and energy?

It's an invitation for business AND for life.

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