Don't Make Easy Things Difficult

There are enough difficulties that abound in life. Some things are "easy" with a modicum of care, attention and perspicacity. Here are a few:

  • Getting to places early and not using "traffic" as a perennial excuse.

  • Being ready for things you ask other people to take time out for.

  • Expressing courtesy and acknowledging service providers.

  • Smiling when you make eye contact.

  • Helping someone if you can, with bags, a door, to find the way, or simple information.

  • Letting mothers with small children they are trying to manage and navigate with, know all is well, and they are welcome to do what they need to.

  • If you know someone had a personal issue, referring to it gently, or asking after them, or to letting them share if they want to.

  • Checking to make sure what you promised to deliver was actually received and experienced.

  • Sharing a real opinion when asked. Not feeling obligated to tell others "how things are" when not asked.

  • Catching people doing a good job and sharing that with others.

Is any of that "difficult?" 

It's easy, so let's keep it that way.

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