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COVID Insanity: A Further Surge

Updated: Oct 16, 2021

An Opening Salvo

A viral strain cannot be a peg by which we assess what we can and cannot achieve, who we can or cannot be, or the contours of social, economic and national destiny.

Moreover, all the largely evidence free, almost madcap nostrums rolled out, have failed. Sweden, where they were ignored (no lockdowns, no mask mandates, no school closures) and where sanity prevailed, boasts a lower all-cause mortality in 2021 than in 1991 (and many intervening years since). In the East Coast of the US, both infections and deaths are higher this “vaxxed” autumn than the preceding autumn. The same is true in the UK. Baffled we may be, but data is data.

Lockdowns, school closures, mask mandates have all flopped and backfired. Governments devastated their own societies with illogical, unsound, unscientific policies that we will be decades recovering from, and whose precedent will cast a shadow over civil liberties for quite some time to come.

The precautionary principle, the demand that cost/benefit assessments be done for major exceptional undertakings, is ignored to this day. If you visit, there is a chilling drop down menu of global collateral damage from the insanity of shutting down society to confront a virus with a 99% global recovery rate.

The costs have been staggering, ranging from tragic declines in mental and emotional health, suicide and addiction surges, crushing economic impact, the incalculable loss of education at critical developmental junctures, escalating health care costs, delayed and cancelled care for true killer diseases for hundreds of thousands (potentially millions) of patients. And even this, horrifying as it is, scratches the surface.

Magnifying the Hysteria

The so called “democratic world’s” COVID hysteria is spurred by two central delusions. The first is the obstinate, obtuse, unwillingness to accept the overwhelming age stratification of C-19 risk. Here is what the mantra should be:

relative risks are the reality here.

A breathtaking number of people are off by orders of magnitude, hissing out a percentage like 30% when asked what the likelihood of their dying if infected by COVID is. The reality is a far more tranquil 0.3% at most and that’s without the plethora of wonderful early treatment protocols!

The second delusion is treating government propaganda as news. The unrelenting 24/7 panic porn is designed to distort all aspects of reality and so the daily press conferences -- core to the delusion, with breathless gasps of pseudo cases (actually positive tests) -- overpromoted by frantic, ominous sounding public health types is part of the mania.

The fostering of ignorance seems to be an area in which government is actually competent. It is bolstered by what we might call the “Ferguson family” of reliably unreliable modeling, emanating from Imperial College in London and out the sluice gates from there to the rest of the world. Not one of the hapless press corps will flash on the screen, when interviewing Professor Ferguson, his ‘stats’: for example, his 2002 models predicting 50,000 people would die from Mad Cow disease when there were actually 177 deaths; his 2005 predictions of 150 million potentially killed by Bird Flu when by 2009, 282 had actually died from it. When Prime Minister Johnson located a scintilla of sanity and summoned his long-sequestered backbone, Ferguson’s fear mongers, backed by a small army of bloviating experts, predicted carnage from, what they characterized as a

‘…murderous irresponsible opening up.’

As always the predictions proved woefully wrong and almost every positive health indicator positively improved instead.

For the modeling caste, as long as you are, as per Professor Ferguson

“wrong in the right direction,”

you are fine even if you massively overstate bad outcomes. So complete is the detachment from the real world and the impact on economies and lives, that it is clear why any thinking person should ignore any such analysis or advice. And so appallingly risk averse have we become, that if there actually was a negative swing when none was forecasted, even if minor and not sustained, a lynch mob might well form demanding their pound of flesh from the prognosticators. At the head of the queue, doubtless, there would be pusillanimous politicians frothing with electoral self-preservation.

Not every public spokesperson, happily, is so craven. By contrast, referring to lockdowns and social distancing impacts on immunity, Dr. Jenny Harries, Chief Executive of the UK Health Security Agency as reported in The Sunday Telegraph, acknowledged

COVID is no longer the ‘most significant’ threat to health.

Average flu seasons used to be about 11,000 deaths per annum there, of late have swelled closer to 22,000. Officials fear we may see as much as 60,000 if there isn’t mass jabbing, given comorbidities.

This of course is in the midst of treatment mayhem, overall. For example, there is an eight-fold increase in those waiting for cancer tests. Overall, and surely terrifyingly, 300,000 fewer cancer diagnoses were made the year following the first COVID lockdown. But in the midst of this, the seeming ‘disappearance’ of the flu (clearly more likely baked into the COVID stats) made it difficult to sample the virus or predict future dominant strains, so even if we were to vaccinate in a frenzy, the fear is the flu vaccine may not be effective.

To finish on the hysterical delusion front for now, though, here is a spot of now classic hysteria from panic porn central, The New York Times. This once proud, now bowed ‘paper of record’, had to recently retract a claim that 900,000 children were hospitalized from COVID. They had to revise it massively to a far more tame and accurate 63,000 of which 500 have died, all with major comorbidities as per the CDC.

Sweden and More

It is hard not to return to Sweden yet again. It has a population of roughly 10.5 million, it never locked down, no small businesses were forced to close and so bankrupted (and therefore, no big businesses were incredibly enriched and allowed to have runaway profits due to lockdown enabled crony capitalism). Schools never closed, and yet children remained in the relative pink of health. People were trusted to be sensible and responded in kind. No masking was inflicted. There was a brief limit of 500 people at big events. A sizeable chunk of deaths happened early on in care homes for which the national epidemiologist, Anders Tegnell, a hero for many of us cheering him on as a virtual saint in terms of transparency and accountability, quickly admitted the country’s mistakes. Since May of this year,

Sweden has had one of the lowest rates of COVID in Europe and is at a five-year low.

This would extend even to 2020 if you take the two year span of 2019 and 2020 together, they had negative excess mortality. And so the country attracts the kind of hatred that can only come from being sane, humane, bucking the orthodoxy, while being proven right. The lockdownistas are left to grind their teeth and grimace in futility.

Back to Britain where a number of doctors are predicting deaths by lockdown will end up outnumbering the ‘alleged’ COVID deaths saved by at least ten to one. Remember, globally, the median age of COVID deaths is higher than overall life expectancy for men and for women. As per the latest Stanford study, the survival rate for the unvaccinated doesn’t drop below 99.7% until you get to the over 70’s.

If someone were to ask you, therefore, straightforwardly, if you are under 70 without serious chronic illnesses, why you would care if someone else chooses not to get vaccinated therefore, even if the “vaccines” worked, what would you possibly reply? And ‘vax-schemes’ aside, on this basis you already had wonderful odds, and hopefully improved them through a slew of early treatments with overwhelmingly positive results.

So, surely there’s no reason for paralysis if you’re willing to drive a car every day, which over a year’s time is riskier than COVID. In Asia that is even more emphatically the case where, by the end of 2020, there were some 350 COVID “ascribed” deaths in Sri Lanka and over 12,000 traffic related deaths.

Ask someone under 75 if they’d rather deal with cancer, heart disease or serious diabetes or COVID,

and unless overcome by misinformation about being a mass conveyor of infection, they would have to be an idiot not to be willing to experience COVID, recover and have natural immunity. Even at 75, with the early treatment protocols that deal so successfully with the viral stage if treated early, the success rate is overwhelming. And to top it off, a recent Israeli study showed that those who got COVID and naturally recovered had an up to 27 times better protection than any vaccine could deliver.

Fauci and the Death Squads

Former Chief Scientist of Pfizer Dr. Mike Yeadon says,

“Fauci is a ghastly inhuman person. Watch Kary Mullis’ last interviews. Scientifically, he drew a bead on Saint Fauci over the AIDS scandal. AZT (Wellcome) was a toxic drug from anti-cancer and immunosuppression research, being an analogue of the bases used in genetics.”

Many were surprised that the clinical safety profile of that drug was adequate to permit dosing in the case of HIV/AIDS. Dr. Yeadon points out that many American and European gay men were killed by this horrific intervention. Billions were, of course, made and Fauci’s intimacy with drug companies and regulators was affirmed and confirmed.

Then the application of the PCR test for viruses became a clear flash point. Mullis, the inventor, was at pains to point out that PCR amplifies what is there and was never intended for diagnostics. If carefully calibrated along with a review of someone’s clinical profile, it may contribute to diagnosis, but certainly not as currently used and abused.

Then came another “Faucism”, the introduction of Remdesivir as one of the few approved Coronavirus treatments largely on his say so. Remdesivir had been pulled from the Ebola study of the The New England Journal of Medicine because it killed 54% of the people who got the drug. In June 2020 a trial was published of 61 patients with COVID-19 given a 10-day course of Remdesivir. The result of that trial noted that 12 patients (23%) had serious adverse effects, including multi organ dysfunction syndrome, septic shock, acute kidney injury and hypotension. Four patients discontinued Remdesivir prematurely, one because of worsening of preexisting renal failure, another because of multiple organ failure and more.

And somehow based on this ghastly trial, Remdesivir was introduced in protocols to treat COVID in the USA! There are doctors on the front lines of COVID treatment that say that the kidney failure caused by Remdesivir which leads to pulmonary edema has been often mischaracterized as secondary pneumonia from COVID. Moreover, any alleged benefit from this purported anti-viral treatment would be in the early stages of COVID treatment, yet it is pointlessly applied at $3,000 a pop in hospital ICUs when we are dealing with an inflammatory and thrombotic illness by then.

Another absurd mistreatment relates to ventilators given that respiratory viral illness isn’t obstructive. Moreover, in the latter stages, as Dr. Peter McCullough reminds us, difficulty breathing is not due to the virus, but clotting in the lungs. In the UK the early default treatment was sedation with excessive doses of Midazolam and ventilation. Very few survived that “treatment.”

Midazolam is used in palliative care and also in executions by lethal injection in the USA. It acts as a sedative and has been known to cause life threatening breathing problems such as shallow, slowed or temporarily suspended breathing that could lead to permanent brain injury or death. Midazolam significantly depresses respiration and is advised to be used with extreme caution with elderly patients. Therefore, with COVID-19, which in acute form, often presents as pneumonia and breathlessness, potentially leading to respiratory distress syndrome,

why on God’s green earth would you treat it with Midazolam when it is known to depress respiration?

The UK Department of Health blithely purchased a two-year supply of Midazolam in spring 2020. The NHS had also stockpiled a further year’s supply by reducing prescriptions for this in 2018 and 2019. And during the Great Hysteria of spring 2020 they burned through a three year’s supply completely oblivious to protocols! A review of the treatment protocols suggest they regularly administered 10 times the usual doses. So, it is no wonder why so many elderly died.

So, you take a woefully unsuitable test, the PCR, to over diagnose C-19, and from that dubious population it seems that deaths occur either in people whose imminent death could not have been a surprise (age plus preexisting chronic illnesses) or in fact, as a result of hopelessly inadequate or mindlessly misconceived medical interventions and drug treatments!

So, Fauci the fraud and his minions who have been suppressing the lifesaving efficacy of pharmacological treatments like HCQ and Ivermectin, wield their power being gate keepers to huge sums (thanks to the external research budget for the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases). These huge sums can make or break institutions including US universities. Hence the attacks on passionate medical champions we should all salute like Dr. Peter McCullough and Professor Bhattacharya of Stanford. Unmerited lawsuits, withdrawn professorships, are standard operating procedure for charlatans who cannot factually rebut the sheer credibility of such medical leaders.

A consortium of media, tech firms, financial services baton wielders and pharmaceutical puppet masters all are privy to this mad, sad crusade, at least in parts. Though they likely “rationalize” their own actions and avert their gaze from the potential calamities that are mushrooming. The playbook has been fear mongering, incessant lies, whipping up mass psychosis, “panic theater” like lockdowns and idiotic masks which are ludicrously sported by some even in wide open beaches, and now everyone lines up to receive their “jabs”. Those not acquiescing, who are pushing back, for example pointing out the hypocritic insanity of unmasked groups at Ascot or the Grammys while children are heart-breakingly forced to be muzzled, are our only hope.

Voices must rise, and constructive civil disobedience has to swell.

If “passports” are allowed through, even when “vaccinated” infections are starting to outnumber unvaccinated, and deaths are on the rise (more this year than last in key highly “vaccinated” jurisdictions), and we can only access normal life through them, then we have surrendered our lives. We have given away the liberty our children and grandchildren should rightly have expected us to safeguard for them, having tossed our bullshit meter out with our spittle and fortitude.

So Why?

Cui Bono?” That’s the Latin phrase asking us to consider the seminal question, “Who benefits?” And while there are many twisted, sordid answers, at least a major part of this takes us along the money trail. In October 2019, former Bank of England Governor Mervyn King warned that the world was “sleep walking” towards a fresh economic and financial crisis.

He sounded this alarm at an International Monetary Fund (IMF) conference pointing out the likely devastating consequences for a global economy stuck in a low growth trap without having really recovered from the crisis of 2008. The post 2008 recovery, he suggested, was weaker than that after the Great Depression. When that autumn the repurchased agreement (repo) market interest rates skyrocketed, the Federal Reserve did a $75 billion per day transfusion over four days, quite unprecedented since 2008.

Thereafter, with meltdown looming, the hundreds of billions of dollars needed by Wall Street for resuscitation required a radical response.

So, the last 18 months or so the ‘pandemic’ became cover for closing down the economy, crushing small businesses, stoking unemployment and abridging people’s rights via lockdowns and restrictions.

This was not primarily for public health but for managing this impending economic crisis and seeking to restructure the economy.

The equivalent of financial Ponzi schemes have been maintained for the rich to continue to thrive on, while key sectors of the economy have been offshored and workers’ income and benefits have been monstrously squeezed. The banking sector, taxpayer underwritten bailouts, of 2008 finally came due in terms of their interest rate camouflaged consequences.

Why else would a global profit-making machine have suspended a global economy in the face of a statistically unimpressive pathogen dangerous almost exclusively to those over 80, near the end of their lives and far from economically productive?

Numerous commentators like Ernst Wolff and Fabio Vighi have described how the world economy was suffocating under an unsustainable mountain of debt. Companies could not generate enough profit to cover interest payments and had to stay solvent by continuing to take on new loans. Interest rates could go down no further, margins were squeezed, and highly leveraged balance sheets were rising everywhere.

By locking down the planet and suspending economic transactions using the COVID bogey man, the Fed flooded financial markets with freshly ‘minted’ money while putting the real economy on ice to avoid hyperinflation. To forestall the collapse of financial markets, lockdowns drained the demand for credit. As Vighi writes,

“In other words, restructuring the financial architecture through extraordinary monetary policy was contingent on the economy’s engine being turned off.”

So, smaller enterprises were driven out of business or gobbled up by global chains so predators could profit while societies were ruptured, and millions of jobs were eradicated through premature consolidation and automation. Therefore, for normal people you have all the cruelty of the free market, for those bolstered by a paper economy, you have a kind of protectorate. As author and journalist Matt Taibbi noted,

“This financial economy is a fantasy casino where the winnings are real but free chips cover the losses.”

For a protected elite the aspiration is to have failure written out of the capitalist bargain.

Not only was big finance bailed out in this way, but so was a sputtering pharmaceutical industry which was now deluged with public funds to develop and purchase these dubious “vaccines.” E-commerce giants cemented their standing, as did giant chains, while local enterprise, artisanal initiative, artistry and culture, all were undermined and encouraged to seep away.

One has but to see in microcosm New Zealand borrowing almost a billion dollars each week for the right to decimate their country. Australia, morphing from a benign, seemingly bonny democracy to a brutal totalitarian police state of internment camps and endless lockdowns where protestors are beaten and thrown to the ground, fired at with rubber bullets -- all in the name of protecting their health! As one wag observed,

watching the antics of various thuggish police forces in so called ‘liberal democracies’ makes you wonder if we all missed the new medical report that shows how being kicked and beaten is a surefire COVID cure.

Yes, it’s insane inasmuch as mask wearing or social distancing are for an airborne pathogen, diagnosing by non-diagnostic PCR tests, calling healthy people ‘cases’ and ‘asymptomatic spreaders,’ deliberately inflating COVID death numbers, pushing demonstrably dangerous experimental ‘vaccines’ on children who neither need nor can benefit from them, being in thrall to persistently inaccurate bogus modeling, commissioning spurious hit pieces in once respected medical journals, and WHO claiming you can only get immunity from “vaccines” that clearly don’t provide any even as per their own EUA. Why expect sanity from what has essentially been a criminal enterprise?

Good Night and Good Luck

The actor George Clooney rendered a masterpiece with the movie Good Night and Good Luck about Edward R Murrow, the legendary reporter who administered the coup de grace to Senator McCarthy’s lies and prevarications. Though now married to a human rights lawyer, Clooney rather doltishly proclaims that he supports "vaccine passports" on his movie sets because we must all protect each other. Yet, he surely must know that these do not protect anyone from reinfection or transmission. Moreover, the incoherence of the concept ought to be shrieking at him anyway.

If these vaccines worked, you wouldn’t worry about other people being vaccinated, and if they don’t, why mulishly and pointlessly go along?

We could perhaps do little better than to go back to Edward Murrow who threw stones at giants, took on segregation, exploitation of migrant workers, apartheid and Fauci’s greatest predecessor (in terms of impact), J. Edgar Hoover. So, let me paraphrase.

Our history now going forward has never been more desperately in our own hands. We end this or it will end us as autonomous human beings. If there are historians about years from now and they look back on this tragic period, they will see evidence of venality, enabling escapism on the part of we the citizenry, the decadence of our politics and institutions, and the seeking for insulation from the dead end toward which we are headed. Unless the dream of even the wealthiest is barbed wire, electronic cages, an end to all nuance and stimulus and variety, and the “turn on” is huddling behind higher and higher walls trying to keep the ravages of the dystopia you have wrought away, this will annul everything that makes wealth interesting unless you just get your jollies out of mass subjugation.

We have to all wake up though. There is no going back, we have to move forward. We have to shed our allergy to unpleasant and disturbing information. We have to recognize that so-called ‘pop culture’ has been used to distract, delude and insulate us lest we consult reality, be woken up or be edified instead. So, let’s opt to make our future larger than our recent past.

As Murrow told us,

“If we go on as we are, then history will take its revenge and retribution will not limp in catching up to us.”

Let us choose to learn from each other, to gain inspiration and illumination from the heroes and champions who are ensuring that we do not slink quietly off and leave the field to these despots.

So, it’s up to us. We will only have a future worthy of our determination and wisdom and shared courage. What they are, so will we be. We must ensure we do not give our lives away.

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