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Among the Things Money Can't Buy

The taste to appreciate quality and value.

The grace to win and lose graciously, to give and receive gratefully.

The class to keep your commitments, and go the extra mile to meet an established expectation, and look after those in your care.

The compassion to forgive others, the willingness to make amends and yet also forgive yourself for inevitable human flaws.

Time to be with those you love, and the capacity to love and be loved.

Health, and the ability to care for yourself and nurture your best.

The curiosity to learn and be open to life's lessons.

Being here now in the precious present with all of its enchantment and stimuli.

A willingness to grow and excel, and also the humility to fall short even though you managed to initiate progress.

Caring to leave the world of our human affairs a little bit better than we found it.

A thirst for knowledge, a heart open to beauty, a soul open to wonder.

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