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Alarmism and Therapeutic Nihilism: Toxic Covidian Bedfellows

Updated: May 17, 2021

This is inspired in part by Dr. Mike Yeadon’s piece in Conservative Woman. And it has been a perspective that has been growing more and more inescapable each month, week and day.

To create and perpetuate a crisis, the prescription is in the title to this piece:

perpetuate alarmism, the more detached from facts the better, just pompous, amplified, 24/7 pulpit pounding in the church of fear.

Then, forget the issue is mortality and never focus on “treatment”, only the “enemy” in the abstract, and debate the virulence or transmissibility of the “virus” rather than pay any attention to how to treat it for those who are at risk, and become infected.

The term “therapeutic nihilism” was coined in this context by Dr. Peter McCullough, cardiac specialist, vastly published medical professional, with considerable experience actually treating COVID. He is mystified at the “medical malpractice” of not seeking to reduce the hospitalizations and deaths of those who become infected. We’ll touch more on this below.

Give us any Benign Reason

Most of us thought we were trapped in a carnival of buffoonery, scandalously bad leadership, criminally poor judgment, seductions of power and ego, public health blinkers, entranced by hand-picked “specialists,” preening for PR, positioning themselves for “savior-ship.” Surely, that was the case, nothing more perfidious… insidious stupidity, geopolitical groupthink, and then post hoc rationalizations to justify the worst decision making in recorded history… blowing up a planet over an influenza strain.

We took refuge in the wry but wise observation that one should not ascribe to malice what can be explained by stupidity. This was an old saw of sceptics, from Voltaire to HL Mencken and beyond. I did write, way back in those nostalgically myopic times, that when “stupidity” reaches a level of such wanton obliviousness to facts, to cost-benefit impacts, to long term damage to human functioning, you do though have to begin to wonder.

Well, unfortunately, as Dr. Yeadon’s piece suggests to me, and as anyone who looks at this soberly will have to conclude, we are facing either truly diabolical stupidity or an insane playbook to undermine liberties and autonomy and reset the world. If the latter, not only are its assumptions inimical to humanity and ethically rancid, but like all utopias premised on some delusion of central control, they will flail, fail and implode or explode.

So, give a benign explanation please for any of the following:

  • Deciding to “test” a “novel” coronavirus with a test not designed for diagnosis (PCR), rushed through a peer review that now can’t be located, published in a journal where one of the founders of the tests sits on the editorial board, and which leads to the production of a test he profits from. And then, with everything known about false positives and the danger of amplifying excessively, which would mean that what we pick up then is not live infectiousness, have no global standard for amplification (cycle threshold, Ct), until after Trump is defeated. Then a belated WHO memorandum.

  • Use the “non-test” as a basis to call every “positive test” a “case” in contradiction to every medical norm until 2020 when a “case” meant symptoms. On this basis, choose to violate rights, blow up economies, and freeze the planet.

  • With no recorded instance (reconfirmed even in the frequently fact-allergic pages of the NY Times on May 8th) of any outdoor transmission anywhere, opt for a penal concept called “lockdown” which was antithetical to every public health nostrum, including those published by the WHO, until 2020, and had not been seen since the Middle Ages (and even then, never like this). So, lock people “in” where transmission does take place, stop them from coming “out” where it doesn’t.

  • If virologists state the obvious, sunshine and fresh air kill viruses, hence the seasonal flows we’ve always encountered, ban them from public discourse, say they are not “real doctors,” accuse them of heresy, and apply thought police tactics that would do any fascistic authoritarian proud. The media is complicit, but they go where profit flows and funding dictates. “Independent” news is increasingly on the fringes. By the way, then one year later, this same sunshine and fresh air conclusion is reconfirmed, and becomes the orthodoxy, but well after we have destroyed lives, businesses, interactions, psyches. Looking back though, presumably no one could credibly say they really thought this “one” coronavirus would transcend everything we knew about pathogens, and we somehow knew it would only stop if stifled indoors.

  • When case reports and antibody studies showed the virus had been around in 2019 and cross-immunity and T cell responses in those not apparently “infected” all reinforced this, thereby calling the “novelty” into question, and the degree of spread into question (many more on this basis were infected worldwide, even accidentally “confessed” by WHO in their projection in October 2020 of 10% of the world having been likely infected), stick to flashing irrelevant “case numbers” and hang on to “case fatality” which is quite irrelevant compared to “infection fatality” (today demonstrated, based on seroprevalence studies, to be about 0.15% globally, and for Asia and Africa, 0.05%). Refuse to investigate this, certainly don’t let it go mainstream.

  • When case studies like the Diamond Princess cruise ship emerge to demonstrate airborne transmissibility, far lower lethality, the age concentration of vulnerability, ignore them. Encase yourself in “shut the world down” orthodoxy at all costs. Lampoon the dissident authors at all costs.

  • Follow models from people like SAGE and IHME who are consistently and persistently inaccurate. Neil Ferguson in particular has a track record of such unblemished inaccuracy as to make any sane person wonder why multiple governments allegedly followed this guidance, even as blessed Sweden and other jurisdictions palpably demonstrated their absurdities… 80,000 were to have died in Sweden remember? Mounds of corpses. Sweden has had normal to just below normal mortality in 2020, far less economic contraction, and is below a 5-year average to date re mortality in 2021. But the attacks on Sweden were extreme and unrelenting. Why not curiosity instead, if truly “public health” and not propaganda was the aim?

  • Don’t question the WHO changing its mind on everything on no new science whatsoever (distancing, masking, lockdowns). And when Fauci the sanctimonious chameleon went against everything he first said, again on no new science whatsoever (asymptomatic transmission, distancing, lethality, masking, life as perpetual zombiedom), no questions should be asked, including his overseeing of NIH funding to the Wuhan lab where a mysterious bat “serendipitously” (for the narrative) managed to land, full of infectiousness, in the only such lab doing bat research, no questions please… canonization for disastrous COVID results in the USA and garlands for Olympic inconsistency.

  • Keep schools shut when it is clear children are not at risk, numerous European countries prove teachers in schools have better health stats than in virtually any other work environment, and children are repeatedly demonstrated not to be vectors of transmission either, anywhere. But dismantle life prospects, eviscerate real learning, retard social development, while intoning “follow the science” when you egregiously, evidently, blatantly are doing the opposite. Nary a peep of real protest. Even after European jurisdictions (not one death in schools in Sweden and their schools stayed open) and numerous key US States have shown this viscerally, once more double down on closures, masking, distancing, terrifying and dehumanizing, while “virtue signaling” all the way. Imposing docility yes. A benign alternative explanation?

  • Create imperatives for lockdown and masking and other totemic bits of pandemic voodoo based on asymptomatic transmission, though it doesn’t exist. There is no demonstration of asymptomatic transmission. 10 million people in Wuhan, in a study done there failed to locate one; JAMA meta-analysis found the differential to be 0.7% (asymptomatic or presymptomatic or mildly symptomatic “posing” as asymptomatic) to 18%. As Dr. McCullough testified, “sick people make other people sick,” that’s his front-line experience since the “pandemic” began. But keep repeating the opposite and say “studies say” …all debunked, or later discovered to be dealing with symptomatic, or as per even WHO, conflating “presymptomatic” with “asymptomatic.” Ignore the fact that even a recent targeted Singapore study found even presymptomatic spread to account for 6.4%. Hardly an appreciable driver, and quite distinct from truly “asymptomatic” which is a bogey man which has been used to commit crimes against humanity, an excuse to dictate what businesses are “essential” and which are to go bankrupt and more.

  • Set up remedies like “lockdown” that inflict such economic casualties that only large conglomerates or government subsidized, or exceptionally funded “big box” businesses can survive. SME’s, the lifeblood of virtually all entrepreneurial economies are to be hobbled, or put onto life support, or the choking “measures” extended until they just collapse from financial exhaustion. Offer some “judicious” funding, but ensure it never reaches them in significant measure.

  • Allow people to eat in food halls of box stores, or in “employee cafeterias” of Amazon (indoor dining fairly obviously, but that’s “allowed” of course), but rather than manage ventilation and spacing, close real restaurants that are hinges of neighborhoods, embody dreams and investment, and feed neighbors in community. No problem there.

  • Protests that fit the agenda are not superspreader concerns, congestion welcome, let people “teem”. People enjoying themselves in the park (zero outdoor transmissibility unless you literally have an orgy), are “terrors” to the wellbeing of the nation. Accost and literally beat them and tell them “it’s for your own good” (Germany, Netherlands, Belgium – benign explanation for such meltdown of policing norms and civility in so called “liberal” Europe?).

  • While obviously masks cannot stop particles of the size involved as we have been repeatedly told, become damp and full of contagions, stifle oxygen flow, and have you breathe in your own waste; long after you can see zero positive impact from these mandates versus places that don’t use masks and flourish (Belarus, Sweden, much of Africa, Florida, Texas, Mississippi, South Dakota, Georgia), ignore the data, claim they are all dying, and hope the “cult religion” wins, so the delirious believe you and not their “lying eyes.”

  • No treatment. The first “feared” disease we don’t wish to treat it seems. Everyone thinks its “untreatable.” But cancer, which can be so at certain stages and manifestations, still gets “treatment.” Here, when Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) was showing clear overwhelming efficacy, no less than the New England Journal of Medicine and Lancet published later retracted, clearly fraudulent papers that halted HCQ trials worldwide. This came from flawed data from a data analytics company called Surgisphere, whose CEO is facing multiple malpractice lawsuits, whose employees (about 3 to 11 of them, depending on the day you count) include a science fiction writer and an adult-content hostess. At a moment of such peril, how do such journals allow such shriekingly “fake news” to get institutionalized? And how can global institutions have such desperately low standards for credence, in a pandemic no less? It surely bends plausibility.

  • All discussions of treatment were banned from the public sphere, excised from Twitter and YouTube. Of 50,000 peer reviewed papers on COVID, only 2 on treatment! The non-benign explanation is if these treatments had gained currency and demonstrated their evident efficacy, there would not have been any vaccine drive. Hence the “recantation” re HCQ was very well timed.

  • Ivermectin is one of the WHO’s “essential drugs” (though today after the Indian state of Goa said it was instituting it as treatment, WHO “warned against” using it for COVID claiming incomplete or inconclusive “clinical trials” – to what length did their nose grow given their endorsement of experimental gene therapy posing as “vaccines” whose safety trials won’t be complete until 2023, being rolled out feverishly, with contrary reports being under-reported or suppressed based on too many reports to recite, and thousands of documented deaths? Ivermectin’s patent has long expired, it is extraordinarily safe, and has been used for parasitic infections. It is however a “molecule” of nature and like much in medicine has multiple applications. As per Dr. Yeadon (former Chief Science Officer of Pfizer), “It is also one of the best-established pharmaceutical treatments for COVID-19, showing benefit in every stage of the disease, in multiple independent clinical trials…” Videos were pulled down from specialists like Dr. Tess Lawrie, papers from the FLCCC group of US intensivists (who have achieved remarkable globally benchmarked C-19 survival rates) and others, all of whom were censored in various ways, to “buy” the necessary vaccine time.

Note the vaccines are approved only by “emergency authorization” assuming “nothing else is available.” Had alternatives been demonstrated, or are validated even now, the whole sick, “vaccinate the planet” edifice comes tumbling down. The recent peer reviewed study on Ivermectin was happily even carried on the US Weather Channel. The paper is in The American Journal of Therapeutics, and is touted as the most comprehensive review to date, with 27 controlled trials and 15 randomized controlled trials (the gold standard). However, inscrutably, governments will not authorize an already authorized (for other uses), demonstrably safe treatment which can only conceivably help. Benign explanation?

  • No public discussion or debate is allowed. Three of the most eminent medical scientists in the world pen The Great Barrington Declaration, overwhelming number of signatories. They are smeared, vilified, and when recently at a roundtable with the Florida Governor, for saying “not everyone needs to be vaccinated”, one of the most eminent epidemiologists in the world, who has been part of the C-19 Vaccine Sub-Group the CDC itself relies on, was censored because YouTube can somehow determine what we are allowed to hear, what is “safe,” and indeed what is “true?” So there is a “ministry of truth” operating somewhere, and it operates in Twitter land too? Medium decided they couldn’t harbor my last article either as I have grown increasingly impolite in not providing safe haven for absurd anti-human nihilism parading as public health. But the silencing of truly eminent commentators, the inability to hear vigorous debate… what is the benign reason for that terror? I have never known of an instance of censorship, here the equivalent of a PR intifada, to flow from confidence, or even a serviceable belief in the standing of your own position.

  • Running full throttle towards vaccines, what emerges? Pfizer, holder of the title for having paid the world’s largest health care fraud fine to the Justice Department, and Moderna, a start-up that has never successfully launched a product before, are flooded with funding and allowed “emergency authorization” on the basis of trials in which the vulnerable (above 70 with comorbidities) were not even included, only 1% got C-19 to test from, and where essentially, they showed their success in suppressing symptoms. Hence, no one was willing to claim you could not contract the illness again, or transmit it, or wouldn’t need new dosages! There is no competition whatsoever with the pervasive and extended blessings of natural immunity. WHO, however, was craven enough to remove natural immunity (for some time) on their website as even a form of immunity, even though clearly none of us would be alive, including the connivers there, were natural immunity not an overwhelming reality over history.

Thousands of deaths have followed, two of the other vaccines, Astra Zeneca and Johnson and Johnson are on the ropes due to blood clotting issues (rightly or wrongly is worth a real debate, but we won’t get one). And fewer and fewer people are opting for a second dose or any dose. Response? “Emergency authorization” for teens! Benign explanation is hard to come by, as they are not remotely at risk, other than “easier to subjugate?” Already we see hospitalizations and extreme negative effects from this (very vividly, a recent report of a Utah teenager getting hospitalized with blood clots in the brain after such a shot). Since they have virtually zero risk, “any” risk is unacceptable. What’s the rush? Benignity anyone?

  • Oh, and then we all need Vaccine Passports for vaccines that don’t prevent the disease, don’t stop transmission. In Germany we read a report that one third of those receiving the Pfizer jab are not developing antibodies, but we want “proof” you’ve jabbed yourself? So, then, proof of what? For a sneak preview of possible “coming attractions,” just take a gander at the Israeli Green Pass where 16-year-old youngsters can’t go to school, see a movie, go to a mall, essentially be mobile and live, if not vaccinated. Oh, and our personal data, embedded there, will be perfectly safe, right? And no need to worry re the “genetic manipulation” in light of global economic and social and cultural Armageddon based on a median influenza strain in terms of mortality. Nobody would contrive so brazenly…surely?

So Now?

If, like myself, you cannot find a benign response or interpretation for this torrential attack on human dignity and life, then stop looking, and let’s vote with our feet, our mouths, and definitely via the ballot box. Grinning at Netflix while awaiting the Uber driver in our pajamas, for those with the luxury to do so, while children starve, economies literally teeter, centuries of civil liberties and convictions of self-governance are undermined and attacked, art and interaction and innovation and sheer human whimsy become casualties – if we

enable this, we ourselves are guilty of suicidal stupidity.

It’s very simple. Insist on focused protection and all available care to treat anyone infected. Refuse any “case-demics”. Anyone testing positive, gets Vitamin D and Zinc, and a cocktail of these preventive remedies that doctors from the front line who have the results to show for their passionate engagement can advise us regarding. For anyone not at risk, the vast majority under 70, let’s let our immune systems rally and strut their evolutionary, biological “stuff.”

Unless we would use cloth masks for asbestos (50 times the size of coronavirus particles), let’s let that nonsense go. Breathe free. And let’s demand only that which we once knew was ours and rightly took for granted.

The right to hear pros and cons, the right to live and interact, the right to take the risks we opt to, and the right not to be persecuted for the perceived cardinal sin of autonomous personhood by this deranged flock of political hacks and medical quacks.

If we all decide to live again, and step forth into that breach, the drawbridges will have to be raised, the moats emptied, and life will flow once again.

Time to live again! It will take a global village. At this juncture, we have no choice but to discover together and demonstrate together what we really care about; and to together galvanize the courage of those convictions.

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