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by Omar Khan

Random Acts of Silliness

It is hard not to watch the spectacle of the US Presidential impeachment process and not conclude it is a testament to caprice and...

Really/Must We?

Often you just can't get a straight answer. Delivery times are imprecise. Items being regularly "out of stock" (anyone ever forecast...

What Do All of These Have in Common?

A so called "Spicy Salmon Maki" at a well known restaurant has no spice, and is a glorified piece of salmon sushi with pretensions. This...

How Do I Help?

How many of us have had attempts to help back-fire? People are either resentful, or they tell us they’ve already tried what we're...

Stressed or Blessed

You can't "stress" your way to your goals. You can't "flog" your way to greater creativity, or leadership or focus. You can allow...

Don't Make Easy Things Difficult

There are enough difficulties that abound in life. Some things are "easy" with a modicum of care, attention and perspicacity. Here are a...

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